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Walking in Two Worlds, a 10-Month Shamanic Apprenticeship Program with Shamanic Healer Carolyn RomanoNew cohort starts in February 2020

This past year, a group of apprentices gathered in Circle with me and showed time and again their commitment to connect with their personal medicine, with Spirit in co-creative partnership, and with each other in ways that perhaps none of us had fully anticipated. To say I have been humbled and deeply nourished by this richest of experiences is an understatement.

I’m now accepting applications to join the second cohort which begins meeting in February 2020, and I encourage you to consider applying. If you are interested in learning more, start by scheduling an Exploratory Conversation with me.

The world is waiting for your personal medicine, those unique gifts that are singly yours to share wherever you are guided to share them.

Let’s connect soon to see if it’s the right fit and the right time for us to work together. I look forward to speaking with you.

What Can You Expect?

Luminous warriors. Earthkeepers. Wayshowers. Whatever the moniker that most resonates for you, we are all being invited at this time to raise our vibrations, to offer our medicine, to stand in the center so that no matter what is happening around us we can respond from a place of peace and strength. And, make no mistake, much is happening around us that requires our urgent attention and remediation, our unique gifts and strengths, our devotion and love.

The result? A transformed self that leads to a transformed world.

The program is delivered through a combination of in-person gatherings,* 1:1 readings/coaching sessions, online teaching/group support calls, and optional silent retreats or self-care moon lodges.

What Does Walking in Two Worlds Offer You?

During the 10-month apprenticeship, you will learn about and experience:

  • Fundamentals of shamanism and shamanic journeying
  • Spirit guides and power animals, and how to work with them
  • Co-creative partnership with Spirit, important principles of manifesting, and how to identify communication doorways
  • The balance of feminine and masculine power, and how to leverage it for inspiration, action, and success
  • Presence and silence, and how to cultivate each
  • Sacred space and how to create proper boundaries and hold space for yourself and others
  • Shamanic healing techniques, like extractions, dismemberments, and soul retrievals
  • Your own personal medicine

You’ll also have the opportunity to gather in Circle to make your shamanic tools, to participate in ceremonies, and to share with and bear witness to others on this path.

Your desire to join the shamanic apprenticeship program could be rooted in the pursuit of your own healing, the calling to bring shamanic healing to others, or the awareness that it’s time for “the shamanic” to influence your mainstream career or family life.

Please note: Each cohort is different; each agenda emerges from my own co-creative partnership with Spirit. If you were part of the first cohort, you may apply for the next cohort without worrying that you won’t be a part of something new. It’s all new; it’s all timeless. Every experience allows us to go deeper. And if you feel like you are too much of a novice on the one hand, or too experienced as a shamanic practitioner on the other, please know it’s all new; it’s all timeless. Every experience allow us to go deeper.

Whatever the motivation, know that it is perfectly aligned with your personal medicine and the ways you are meant to serve.


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