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09-02-14   Timothy Doyle is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. He saysI had an out-of-body experience when I first began to meditate in the early 1970s. While in Peru in 2005, I astral traveled to a world called, “Where the Sun Shines before the Dawn.” This was before I had met, Judy Satori, and seven years prior to Judy writing her book, Sunshine Before The Dawn. I resigned from my accounting work in 2011 after receiving a vision in dream state to work with Judy Satori. I was in New Zealand in August 2012, when a group of golden-robed light beings joined my private meditation session. Before closing the meditation, I asked the beings who they were. They said, “The Golden Ones”, returning to Earth to resume bringing wisdom for fifth-dimensional teachings. The Golden Ones were teachers prior to earth’s fall in consciousness from a 5th Dimension to a 3rd Dimensional planet. When Lemuria sank in the sea, previous to Atlantis sinking, The Golden Ones departed. They have now returned and been with me ever since. His e-book is entitled, “How to Play the Game of Life: Beginner Version”

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