“The Happy Learner” Special! From David Hoffmeister~Limited Time Offer


David Hoffmeister “Awakening to True Happiness” 
Every other Wednesday 8am & 8pmET
Every Saturday 5amET
Part of Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age platform

“The Happy Learner” Special!
A $23.00 Value for a $14.99 Special Price
Limited Time Offer

Buy David Hoffmeister’s Unwind Your Mind Back to God eBook & receive a FREE mp3 download of his profound talk, Undoing Linear Time.

“The Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, in whom His mission can be happily accomplished.” ACIM T-14.II.1

In Unwind Your Mind Back to God, the Holy Spirit takes you by the hand, as David applies the non dual teachings of A Course in Miracles to everyday questions and topics.

“Moment by moment the Holy Spirit will work with your beliefs, taking you step by step as you unwind your mind from the many false concepts that you believe keep you safe and make you happy. Only the release from these false beliefs can bring you true happiness and lasting peace.” David Hoffmeister

The three books contained in Unwind Your Mind Back to God help facilitate the experience towards which A Course in Miracles is pointing. By Laying the FoundationUnlearning the World, and fully applying the Transfer of Training, awareness of peace is restored. The conversations in this book provide loving comfort for the heart and crisp uncompromising Truth for the mind that’s fed up with confusion, illusion, and roles!

David’s talk, Undoing Linear Time is a classic, direct teaching that winds the mind back into the realization that the belief in linear time is the only error we need allow the Holy Spirit to correct for us. He says that believing in time, and being at the mercy of that belief, is like being a fish out of water, unnatural, like a “Spirit that forgot that it is Spirit and is now on a noodle!”

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