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Starving Your Fears, From Panic to Peace with Joyce Logan Ph.D
Live a Joy-Filled Life

My show “Starving Your Fears” is all about helping each other to stop going through life “white knuckled” and hanging on for dear life as we deal with so many of life’s stressors. There is a better way – and we’re going to hold hands and find joy, peace & laughter together!  I’ve walked through the mire that life can bring and know what to do to help you through anything. I’ve got my bag of “tools” and along with some of my fabulous guests; we’re going to fix us up a really great life!  Changing the way you look at things will change everything.  Join me!

Starving Your Fears author Joyce Logan, Ph.DStarving Your Fears: From Panic to Peace in 10 Easy Steps author Joyce Logan, Ph.D

How does one starve their fears away? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this powerful, easy-read due to the author’s ability to get to the heart of your fears and help you to melt them away by not feeding them! “I’ve been your human “Guinea pig” and know what works. The methods I’ll share with you will save you years of research and money!” Joyce E. Logan, Ph.D. The author suffered with severe panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years and is living proof that anyone can choke off the lifeline of fearful, negative thoughts and words that will not only bring immediate relief, but lifelong joy and peace. This book is written on a level few can write about because she lived it! For the reader, Joyce Logan is your human “Guinea Pig” who has been through it all, and able to provide you with a common sense approach to a quick recovery. Starving Your Fears simply explains how you can literally “starve” fears away and provides you with the “tools” you’ll need to carry with you all of your life. Filled with inspirational quotes and stories from those who sought her help, this book will change your life!

New Show! Debut April 3rd
Broadcasts Weekly Friday 7am & 7pmET

Friday 7am/7pmET 

Topic: Getting to know Dr. Joyce on her Maiden Voyage

My maiden voyage!  Excited about my first show and getting to know all of you within this beautiful community of healers, seekers and those who are just putting their toes into the waters of living a joyous life – yes, even in the midst of a pandemic! With the world in a state of anxiety, fears and despair, it seems like perfect timing for me to launch a show called “Starving Your Fears” – no coincidences!  I want to share my thoughts with you and on give you some “tools” that you can use to calm yourself in a moment’s notice.  You may have heard to “just breathe” but I’m going to explain to you why that is so important and how easy it is to do no matter where you are. We’ll explore the amazing benefits of self-hypnosis and I’ll share stories with you about people who used it to change their entire lives in moments!  If you think you’ve never been hypnotized – you’re wrong!  Your greatest “hypnotists” have been your parents, teachers and most certainly the news and their views.  We’ll explore how you can change your thoughts and to stop feeding what you no longer desire in your life because what you starve will most certainly fall away and disappear  Join me as we travel down a different path in life called peace.

Learn more about Joyce here:

Joyce Logan host of Starving Your Fears – From Panic to PeaceBio: Joyce Logan, author of Starving Your Fears – From Panic to Peace in 10 Easy Steps, holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She founded “The Wellness Center” in Connecticut, which she presided over for many years; helping people with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, weight loss, smoking cessation and business growth as well.

With a duel career in public relations and wellness, Joyce is the former founder and president of Fan Emporium, Inc. a celebrity based public relations firm where she worked one-on-one with her clientele which included many top recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, John Mellencamp, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins, Kenny G., to name a few.

Starving Your Fears is her recently released book; she has co-authored several books and was interviewed on many occasions by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and featured on numerous TV shows and national magazines. Joyce continues to inspire and help those struggling with anxiety and stress; she also works along with companies utilizing her public relations skills for their business growth.

Joyce holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy from The American Institute of Holistic Theology in Youngstown, OH, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist from The National Guild of Hypnotists in NH; she recently completed the “Science of Wellness” certificate program at Yale.

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