Showing Off!

05-11-17   Showing Off!

We’ve all heard that phrase before:  “He’s showing off!” Immediately it brings to mind someone bragging about doing well, “rubbing our noses” in it and intentionally wanting to make us feel inferior in some way.  But what if we’ve got this all wrong?

Here’s what the Angels want us to think and talk about tonight.  When we perceive that someone is showing off, what we are doing is assisting our ego in creating a boundary between us that creates separation and reinforces these imaginary or illusory lines between our good and another’s good.  So what we want to say to you tonight is that our perception creates this illusion that there is only one wave of Good and that it blesses only certain people.  Because when your friend or sister or another person wants to share something great that happened to them or for them, they should be able to do that in the spirit that we are all sharing in that benevolent outcome.  We can see past this feeling of being “left out” or passed over by feeling into their excitement and feeling that this great blessing that has come to them has also come to us.

We want you to feel free to express your excitement about good things that happen to you without feeling like you are a bragging show off!  And so this means we all need to grow deeper in tune with this basic truth:  All Good comes from the Same Source.  And while it may seem that the Good alights on others more than on us, each of us can look at our lives with fresh perspective and see that we also have good in our lives and we can celebrate the gifts of abundance that shower down upon all people.

Today, let us “show off” our divine nature by being gracious, joyful and excited for someone else’s good.  Because when something good happens to us, we want to be able to share it with everyone and not feel guilty in the process.

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