Resurrection! Making Jesus’ Victory of Love Your Own!

04-16-17   Resurrection! Making Jesus’ Victory of Love Your Own!

We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Spring as Easter.  It is a time of regeneration, renewal, rebirth and revitalization.  In reality, Christ’s Resurrection is an example showing each of us what we can be and do also. We do not have to die to be resurrected. We can resurrect ourselves daily and ultimately go through the initiation of the Resurrection and continue to walk the earth in the resurrected state, even as he did.

It all begins with the love of the heart, first for God and then for fellow man and the self.  Jesus Christ, as our example and wayshower, taught that there is no greater love than the laying down of one’s life for one’s fellow man.  We’ll discuss what that means to us today and how to love your neighbor as yourself.  And we’ll talk about how we can use transformational mantras in our daily lives, like I AM the Resurrection and the Life!

Please join us on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 6 pm EST, as we explore resurrection as a sacred science for rediscovering secrets of health, longevity, alchemical precipitation and mastery in spiritual realms as others have done while gaining immortal life.  We can make Jesus’ victorious demonstration of Love our own!

Guest Caroline Hanstke is a teacher of metaphysics and a devotee of the Holy Spirit who has served as a psychologist in the public and private sectors for more than forty years.  Caroline has her own counseling practice in Calgary, Canada and also serves as a minister.  She founded Sirius Consulting with Brian Emmanuel Grey and also Sirius Publishing Partners with Therese Emmanuel Grey.  She is the author of The Science of the Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem and has also co-authored several books with Brian and Therese Emmanuel Grey including Why We Do What We do, The Inner Family Archetypes, The Psychology of Success and The 2012 Spiritual Shift.  Caroline has also founded the Whole I Institute, an Aquarian community for the healing of body, mind and soul.

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