Quantum Mechanics Meets Neuroscience: An Emerging 21st Century Science of Consciousness January 27, 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Quantum Mechanics Meets Neuroscience

Karl Pribram and his student Walter Freeman, giants of neuroscience, argued cogently that the current American and Asian brain science mega-projects will shortly follow their European counterpart into collapse. Their long and full lives included over a century of experimentation in a neurodynamics paradigm, in which individual neurons’ firing emerged from holistic brain processes. In short, the current extravagantly funded mega-projects are several orders of magnitude too simple in their assumptions. At the same time Pribram and Freeman were at the height of their careers in the 1970’s, a group of underemployed physicists centered in the SF Bay area was at the same time considering the implications of the trails blazed by David Bohm and John Bell.

Join us for a day of lively discussion and inspirational controversy featuring many of the players from these original revolutions, including the “Hippies Who Saved Physics” from the original Fundamental Fysiks Group at UC Berkeley.

Confirmed Speakers Include: Ruth Kastner, Fred Alan Wolf, John Hagelin, George Weissmann, Henry Stapp, Jack Sarfatti, Elizabeth Rauscher, Russell Targ, Chris Cochran, Leslie Allan Combs, Sean O Nuallain, Shelli Joye, Stuart Hameroff, Stanley Klein, Cynthia Sue Larson, and David Presti.
Free for Full-time students. For others a suggested donation: $100. Nobody turned away for lack of funds.

This conference is organized by Foundations of Mind founder Sean O Nuallain, and hosted by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Center for Consciousness Studies.

Contact: info@foundationsofmind.org (510) 725-8877
and Allan Combs, Director of the CIIS Center for Consciousness Studies:

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