Peace Is an Inside Job! Creating Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

01-22-17 Peace Is an Inside Job! Creating Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

For many of us, our world appears these days to be a weary, war-torn planet.  We are bombarded with non-stop news that seems to primarily focus on the negative, and as a result, stress is added to our every-day lives.

So what can we do?  An important KEY can be found in the first lines of that favorite song that has traveled around the world that says—Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin with Me!

Yes, peace is an inside job!  And while there are many spiritual and physical avenues for impacting the world, the bottom line is that we really can only change ourselves.  When others observe and experience changes that we make in ourselves, they have the choice to respond differently too. This applies to both our personal lives and the world at large.

For better or worse, the quality and content of our life experience is determined by what we are connected to, by what we choose.  Choosing to change can release us from self-limiting ideas and a sense that we are powerless in the face of chaos or conflict.

Join us as we share practical ways you can gain greater peace of mind and ways for interacting with others that can bring relief, healing, joy and Peace!

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