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Join Lora Cheadle for her Special Event FLAUNT Full Day Workshop

Overcome Overwhelm, Find Your Sparkle & Empower You

  • Do you envision becoming an authentic, self-empowered woman who lives life with unshakable confidence and joy?

But then, do you get so tired, doing it all, being all things to all people, taking care of others’ needs, and powering through the daily grind that you end up exhausted?

  • Are you tired of putting yourself last, and giving so much that you have nothing left for you?
  • Do you feel like you dont measure up to impossible standards ofsuccessful woman, dedicated mom or loving partner?
  • Are you wondering why you never seem to have the time, energy, or fortitude to actively enjoy the life youve worked so hard to create?
  • Are you disconnected from your body, heart, and maybe even your loved ones?

In our fast-paced society, we are always being told we can do more, go harder, make more money, and improve our appearance. All we have to do is try this diet or purchase that beauty product. It’s easy to lose touch with our intrinsic worth and the ability to value ourselves for who we are, right now—no matter what size we wear, how old we are, or how big our paycheck is.

As a result, we throw ourselves in our careers, measuring our self-worth by what we achieve. Or for those who may not be working, we begin to define ourselves by how many afterschool activities our children have, what their grades are or which prestigious school they attend.


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