Nueroplasticity – “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks”

Alberta_ LisaBuford07-17-16   Nueroplasticity – “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks” using Brain Gym and Energy Medicine, Nuerohacking at its finest.

Please join us and our guest, Lisa Buford, who will inspire you and give you hope and tools for a better tomorrow today. Life can be challenging, and she will show you that using Energy Medicine and Brain Gym (Neurohacks) can help you adapt more easily to change (Neuroplasticity).  Learn how you can move toward what you desire instead of away from what you don’t want in your life.

Lisa’s personal healing journey began over 20 years ago and continues today. She embarked on her journey in search of a way to help her two-year old son who had a major health challenge. Her journey to be a better parent also led to improvements in her own health at all levels – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.

Lisa has over 2,000 formal hours of training, beginning first with the modality of Brain Gym and she has been certified as a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant since 1997.  She describes Brain Gym as the glue that holds her fabric together. Practicing Brain Gym encouraged her to pursue and master Energy Medicine.  In 2000, she met Donna Eden, world renowned healer and co-author of three books.  Lisa completed a four-year certification training that helps students learn self care techniques and how to work with others using Energy Medicine protocols. Lisa was a founding faculty member in teaching Energy Medicine protocols and now celebrates her 21st year teaching.

Lisa credits her personal healing to using Energy Medicine on a consistent basis. Working with Paul Dennison, PhD, founder of Brain Gym and Donna Eden, founder of Energy Medicine, renewed her faith in mankind at a very core level. Through her personal and professional contact and connection with them, Lisa embraced and consistently practiced what they taught.  Through her persistence, she learned to thrive and not just survive.

Lisa is gifted at distilling and synthesizing information and meeting people right where they are. If an old dog can learn new tricks so can you!  Come join her as she continues her journey with us on Prophets for the New Age!

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