Living Without Fear in a Fearful World

02-16-17   Living Without Fear in a Fearful World

Those who attempt to frighten us use fear to poison our minds and control our emotions.  Let in the Light of Love.

Fear makes us unstable, pushes us to revert to animal instincts and extracts our humanity. Let Love in. Talking out our fears enables the destruction of that which we fear and causes a transformation of fear into action.  Let Grace be present

Walking in the Light of Love, we are present within our power.  No darkness can consume us.  We live fearlessly.  Unafraid to live free, to ask for what we want and to appreciate the dignity of all life.

Becoming a whole being includes practicing the art of self-awareness such that no one and no thing can cause us harm or duress.  For in all circumstances, we are held in the Light and given all that we desire.  Our fears are allayed by the sheer wisdom of our own true divine nature that calls the Truth to our hearts and awakens the fire of Love fanning the flame of compassion, endurance, perseverence and tolerance.  We are strong.  We are free.  We are fearless.

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