How to Dissolve Fear and Release Negative Emotions

st-germain-home11-20-16  How to Dissolve Fear and Release Negative Emotions

Findings from the world’s most comprehensive study of anxiety and depression research to date, published by researchers at the University of Queensland, find that globally 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety.

Fear, anxiety and depression are some of the very lowest emotional vibrations we are capable of experiencing.

Saint Germain devotes a whole chapter in his book Intermediate Studies in Alchemy to anxiety and what he calls the anxiety syndrome.  He says that “anxiety is a symptom of insecurity; it stems from man’s incorrect concept of himself and from his lack of perspective. Many people feel unfulfilled, unloved, unwanted, and they are not sure of just what they should be doing with their lives. Their uncertainties under adverse conditions are easily turned into mental and emotional states of depression bordering on extreme self-deprecation.” So how do we dissolve our fears, both conscious and unconscious, and release negative emotions that limit us and keep us from fulfilling our divine purpose?  Join us as we explore powerful and practical tools for becoming the master of your emotional world and breaking past unseen barriers that may be holding you back.

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