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A New Online Class with Mary O’Malley
Beginning January 29, 2020
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This will be an 8 week course for exploring a revolutionary way to heal AND be healed by your compulsions

What is this new way?

This new way explores how to engage with your compulsions rather than endlessly trying to manage them.

It is about listening rather than controlling, opening rather than closing and relating to your compulsion rather than being lost in it.

This new way understands that your compulsion, rather than something that is wrong with you is an ally on the journey back to a deep and trust filled relationship with yourself and with your life.


The relief of no longer having to struggle with your compulsion.

The liberation that comes from moving beyond the idea that your compulsion is a defect – something bad or wrong that you must control or get rid of.

The release that come from understanding that you are not a failure for being unable to control them.

Rather than a problem to be solved, your compulsion becomes a guide back into the ease and joy that is your birthright.

Understanding that It is never your compulsions you are longing for, but a nourishing relationship with yourself and your life.

Included in the course:

  • 8 weekly lessons with audio and video files
  • 4 fully interactive calls with Mary in her twice monthly live Q&A’s
  • Invitations each week to help you bring what the course offers into your daily life
  • PDF handouts of all lessons and invitations
  • Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to the audio and video files and PDFs

To register for the Course follow this link.

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