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01-12-15 Shih Yin is an ordained Spiritual Minister in the areas of metaphysics and spiritual energy healing, Reiki Master, spiritual counselor, and an author. She is certified in numerous healing modalities, including EMF, Healing Touch and Acu Touch. She founded the New Energy Healing modality, known as EHF (Energy Healing Facilitator) and introduced it in numerous cities in Canada and the United States. In 1995 she began channeling messages from the goddess Quan Yin. She received her name, Shih Yin, from the goddess. She has published three books previously. Her latest book is provocatively titled, “Quan Yin Speaks – Are You Ready?” Through Shih Yin, the Goddess of Compassion’s explains morphing from 3D humans to Enlightened Beings, is a complex process. A key ingredient: surrendering and relinquishing fear which keeps us separated from our true nature.

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