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10-06-14 Francis Rico Musician, shaman, and author Francis Rico Hayhurst combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with an irrepressible advocacy for having fun and enjoying life. He believes the beauty of wild creation—within us and surrounding us—can help us heal and can bring happiness and real magic into our lives. Rico’s book, “A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty”, shares stories and lessons from over 30 years of dedication to the shamanic pathways and unknown teachers of indigenous wisdom traditions, including his gratitude for the gifts of the Toltec legacy and the mysterious beauty of Teotihuacán. As a guide to the world’s sacred sites, Rico brings insight, humor, and music to every journey, opening doorways of perception so opportunities for transformation and connection to the radiant essence of revelation can occur. He is one of several authors of a new journeybook, DVD, and meditations entitled, “ Dreaming Heaven: The Beginning Is Near! (book and feature length DVD).

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