Guard the Heart! Stretching the Capacities of your Heart! (Part II)

03-19-17  Guard the Heart!  Stretching the Capacities of your Heart! (Part II)

As we stretch the capacities of our hearts, we are growing in so many ways—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  And that is why it is important to know how to guard the heart correctly in order to keep the heart open to Love.

When you invite more Light into your world, it can sometimes attract negative energies of others toward you.  And it can also activate old memories or patterns.  This is an opportunity to learn more about being unmoved by negative energies and to let go of habit patterns not needed now. Understanding what is happening and learning how to work with Spirit brings freedom and joy as you continue to pursue a spiritual path and express more love in your life.

As you have greater capacity for love in your heart, you contact the love aspect of God which is the Holy Spirit.  Expanding the capacity of your heart allows you to increase your ability to radiate power, wisdom and love.

Please join us as we explore together what might cause us to close off our hearts and why it is important to engage the Spirit in guarding the heart.

Caroline Hanstke is a teacher of metaphysics and a devotee of the Holy Spirit who has served as a psychologist in the public and private sectors for more than forty years.  Caroline has her own counseling practice in Calgary, Canada and also serves as a minister.  She founded Sirius Consulting with Brian Emmanuel Grey and also Sirius Publishing Partners with Therese Emmanuel Grey.  She is the author of The Science of the Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem and has also co-authored several books with Brian and Therese Emmanuel Grey including Why We Do What We do, The Inner Family Archetypes, The Psychology of Success and The 2012 Spiritual Shift.  Caroline has also founded the Whole I Institute, an Aquarian community for the healing of body, mind and soul.

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