Giving Teenagers the Tools They Need to Release Stress

12-04-17  Giving Teenagers the Tools They Need to Release Stress

Stress relief is as urgent for teens as it is for adults. Untreated stress can lead to depression and anxiety as well as unhealthy eating and emotional behaviors. Over 100 clinical trials have shown that EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is an effective method for improving mental health. Join our Host, Monica Iglesias, with special Guest, clinical psychologist Peta Stapleton, PhD, who has written a book adapting the method for use by teens.

Dr. Stapleton manages the Masters program in the psychology Department of Bond University in Australia. She has conducted many studies of EFT, and as a therapist has worked with teens for over 20 years.  In EFT for Teens, she shows how to use it for common problems such as peer pressure, body image, puberty, family conflicts, taking exams, social phobias, eating disorders, sports performance, and weight management.

Dr. Stapleton focuses especially on feelings, and how EFT can reduce sadness, anger, doubt, jealousy and fear. She applies the proven techniques of EFT to typical problems teens face. These include bullying, academic performance, public speaking, divorce and parental conflict, sleep, and procrastination.

With a warm and understanding tone, Dr. Stapleton draws upon her experiences with her teenage daughter, as well as studies showing that EFT is effective when used with teens. She’s especially aware of the conflicts and contradictory drives that can bewilder teens, as hormones, academic priorities, disappointments, and the need for social acceptance all pull them in different directions. She realizes that people can’t just “get over” these problems, and that a stress reduction method can help teens navigate the transition to adulthood.

Her book begins with a “quick start guide” that shows how to apply EFT immediately, and how to test whether or not it’s working for you. EFT combines elements of conventional therapy with acupressure to provide fast and measurable relief from stress; a story in calls EFT: “one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed.”

Short, catchy, and relevant, each chapter of EFT for Teens includes stories written by or about teens who’ve used EFT for the typical problems that show up in therapy sessions. Dr. Stapleton emphasizes the power of “taking charge of how you feel” by learning EFT, and her passion for seeing teens lead healthy and happy lives is evident throughout the book.


Book: EFT for Teens on Amazon
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Guest Bio:  Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and is Program Director of the Masters of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University (Queensland, Australia). Peta is a world leader and researcher in Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘psychological acupuncture’). Peta  has received many awards for her research and leadership including the American Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research and the greatest contribution to the field of Energy Psychology.

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