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Monday, January 13, 2020 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM  Free

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I discovered ACIM back in 2003 when life was challenging me to grow and I was on the path to working towards spiritual enlightenment, but had not yet reached it. I still work at staying in the Love vibration everyday.

At the time of learning about ACIM, I was at the end of a toxic marriage and had survived a serious equestrian accident 2 years before, which nearly killed me and injured me so severely that I couldn’t walk for a little while. I was really losing hope and very stressed, so a friend had given me a book called Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course by Karen Casey.

The teachings changed my life and I wanted to learn more. That was the beginning of many miracles unfolding in my life.

If you haven’t heard of The Course, I encourage you check it out and jump on the Zoom meeting or call in to discuss it with others that want to stay in the Love vibration/mindset!

It can help in so many ways, but most of all, it gives you a true understanding of how to achieve inner peace and always maintain the divine light and love within your heart.

.Are you wondering how?

-to overcome fear and stress in every situation of your life?
-to overcome any negative situation and reach immediate forgiveness and compassion for the others involved?
-to find out really why there are no coincidences?

-to become an instrument of healing for all lives that you touch?

In this monthly group, we explore ways to bring healing, peace, love and joy into your life, that will bring you to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. We look at life as an earth education and explore ways to bring that heavenly consciousness to our everyday earthly experience.

This beautiful channeling of Jesus’s teachings will help mold your thought patterns to help you experience miracles everyday, in every situation and in every moment.

Learn about forgiveness, enrich your life and every experience within your journey. See every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Help your Soul’s light grow within you, so you can shine healing from your heart on our world.

If you’ve been wondering about any of those things and what “the Course” is about or even if you’ve been studying it for years–come join us!

I will be holding this on a monthly basis and size will be limited to 10. Please sign up today to reserve your space.

Workshops will be held 2nd Monday of every month unless holiday or cancelled

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