Courses in History and In Life

03-02-17   Courses in History and In Life

The word “Course” is defined as both a noun and a verb.  For some reason, Angels like to look up words because words are very powerful and important.  This word “course” came through today as the topic for our show.

Here are the definitions that drew my eye:  As a noun:  the route or direction followed by a ship, aircraft, road, or river.  And as a verb: (of liquid) move without obstruction; flow. Course is both a direction and movement without obstruction.  What are they trying to

tell us? Great courses are also teachings and one signs up for a course to learn.  And so we are using this word today to tell you that this situation you find yourselves in is a great course.  It is an opportunity to learn something of great value and importance.  And it is also a direction which if pointed toward love, peace and harmony will flow without obstruction to the intended outcome. In may ways we are all not being given an opportunity to see what is truly important and we are seeing all of the world focus energy and attention on the loud, obvious and incredible headlines that abound.  We are in the “end” times, times when many old wounds are coming to the surface to been seen and healed, when structures are beginning to crumble and the new world will look very different.  So we ask you to chart your course, not only as others before you have charted courses throughout history, but also as great explorers do before heading out into the great unknown.  You are no different than those brave souls who first ventured out beyond their own cave to find life around the corner or over the mountain.  You are seeking a new way to live in this world in peace and harmony and the previous years have lead you to this point.  Where you go from here depends on you.

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