Combating Racism, Bigotry and Hatred

02-23-17   Combating Racism, Bigotry and Hatred 

If Light and Love are to prevail, there must be available beings to assist in this transition.

So say the Guides who are present with us now assisting in the transformation of our planet from one filled with violence, hatred, fear, and war to one brimming with peace, solidarity, unity and Light.

Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true and many have come before talking and speaking of these same things.  Yet never before in your world history have you been so ready, so poised for this great undertaking. We must at times hit rock bottom before all beings look up and realize that we are united in our desire to live life free and easy, surrounded by friends, celebrating our humanity and the connection to all life on the planet.  And so we come today to speak of this idea of raising yourselves up to fight back, to be assertive in your works and to insist on compassionately embracing those who are not ready yet to love,  still warped by fear. This week on Talk-N-Angels we will talk about understanding the root causes of hatred, the beliefs that support separation and isolation and the works the Angels suggest can help all of us move closer to resolution of these issues.

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