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09-15-14   Colette Grace St. Clair, a Telepath, psychic, animal communicator, and Akashic Records reader. Her extra-sensory perceptions surfaced in childhood. With animals, she was clairvoyant and clairaudient. With mentally challenged children and older people, it was clairsentience that brought her insights.

As an adult she became a Reiki Master, studied Energy Psychology (EFT) and attended the University for Complementary Medicine in Los Angeles. She turned to highly gifted spiritual teachers for experiential learning and further developed her ability to communicate telepathically with animals and humans.

In 2001, Colette began offering professional services in Animal Communication. In 2010, she experienced a life-altering illness lasting months, while she contemplated, meditated and communicated with divine beings to support of her healing. She recovered in 2011. In 2012 Colette became certified under Linda Howe in Akashic Records Reading, tapping into the energetic archives of wisdom, healing and loving guidance, which subsequently brought her telepathic work up to an entirely new level.

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