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Catherine Larget-Caplan is a certified Shiatsu practitioner with over 20 years of experience. She has healed injuries large and small, as well as prevented numerous surgeries. Catherine’s alternative & holistic education began at age 15 upon commencing Macrobiotic & far eastern philosophies in her native France.

Throughout her childhood, Catherine was plagued with recurring injuries, breathing problems, other body related issues. At age 21 she could not run anymore, & after going to numerous alternative & western doctors she decided to take control of her healing & life. Upon studying Hatha yoga with Dassa Openheimer, a first generation student of Iyengar, teaching classes for Dassa as well as co-teaching with Iyengar at Harvard University, while attending weekly acupuncture & shiatsu treatments. Even with all of this & her organic diet since age 22 she found that she needed even more to become truly healthy & to find her potential, again. In 1988, Catherine began incorporating the Ma-Roller with her general Hatha yoga exercises, & she found exercises that corrected & stabilized her for the first time. Over the next 18 years she refined her exercises while corrected & rejuvenated herself completely. Including fixing a leg that was shorter than the other & much more.

In 2001 she married classical musician Aaron Larget-Caplan & they found the Music & Life Program. 

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