Capturing Good Karma

09-21-17  Capturing Good Karma

Let’s look at Karma this week.  Capturing good karma and storing it up for the long journey ahead is a wise move, earthling…

It’s no joke.  People who have the opportunity to do good in this world, in their lives and in the lives of others are making efforts to capture the flow of good karma into their cosmic bank accounts. This week Rita and Mike talk about the benefits of extending good deeds, good thoughts and in the process creating good Karma that will pay back 10,000 times over both in this life and the next.

Interview with Arati Gupta – Embracing Your Spiritual Journey

09-07-17  Interview with Arati Gupta – Embracing Your Spiritual Journey

Arati knows a thing or two about making the most of what you have.  Her journey is multi-faceted. Arati is an actress and voiceover artist participating in a variety of gigs including films, runway fashion shows, commercials, promotions and voiceover projects. Arati is also a Radio Show Host at GSNJ Radio and hosts “Holistic Lifestyle & Spiritual Horizons” broadcast every Tuesday evening from 6-7pm at:  And just recently she started her own TV show, which is called, “Mornings with Energy Rhythms.” It’s a 30 minute lifestyle show describing various topics and is on the Radio Vision TV Network (Internet TV).

Her life has given her so many opportunities to develop her talents and abilities, and always Arati has pointed that focus toward her spiritual journey.  Please join our discussion.

Sowing The Seeds of Love

08-24-17  Sowing The Seeds of Love

We’re in an age of delusion.  Every person walking this earth is deluded to one extent or another, seeing with their physical eyes and yet, seeing different things. Discussions among the angelic realms and the ones who watch over us have everything to do with the simple yet profound power of Love.  The sowers of seeds of love are those who in spite of the outrage and condemnation, the vile and inexplicable thirst for carnage, the fields are ripe now for love to be sown.  All of you who bring together the anti-Christ consciousness are coming into battle with the Christ consciousness which speaks of unequivocal love; love that endures and that sustains.  Love that provides, shields and protects, love that widens the circle of light to include all.  Our message to you today is to sow seeds of love in every day affairs, with the grocery store clerk; with the cab driver; with the mailman, with the miserable old man who wants to complain every day, to the injured co-worker and the horrible bosses.  All of those people are living examples of delusional beings, and we who are awakened are non-delusional any more.  We must sow love where there is hatred and love rebounds in those hearts to yield great harvests.

Interview with Kathy Miller and Brenda Bergstrom: Ishaya’s Ascension

08-17-17  Interview with Kathy Miller and Brenda Bergstrom: Ishaya’s Ascension

Join Rita and Mike as we welcome Kathy Miller and Brenda Berstrom to Talk-N-Angels for a discussion about an exciting workshop coming to Just Breathe in Cinnaminson, NJ August 25th to the 27th called Ishaya’s Ascension.  

Raised on the promises of the power of positive thinking, Kathy rode the pendulum back and forth between failure and success in business. She was honored by COLA in 2006 for Servant Leadership and in 2009 by NJ Biz as one of “New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business,” and her successes as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur allowed her to touch the lives of many people. Her failures, on the other hand, were a blessing in disguise which allowed her to see that there was something more true than her thoughts and more reliable than even her best and most concerted efforts. Kathy was introduced to the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques in 2003, and discovered the basic underlying peace that could not be interrupted by any swing of life’s pendulums.

After practicing for ten years, in 2013 she took a sabbatical to attend a six-month in-residence training and became a teacher of the Ishayas’ Ascension.

Kathy lives in New Jersey with her husband Donnie, remains active in business and in the community, and goes where she’s invited to teach Ascension in homes, offices, churches, and community centers throughout the US and abroad.

Brenda Bergstrom has been a teacher of Ishayas’ Ascension since 2008. This technique allows Brenda to explore life with the eyes of appreciation, gratitude, love, and compassion. Her greatest ongoing desire is to find Universal love, Ahimsa in each moment as it arises and live the ongoing adventure.