Accessing Your Child’s Unique Set of Instructions

09-04-17 Accessing Your Child’s Unique Set of Instructions

No two children are exactly the same and one size parenting doesn’t fit all. You may have heard, “Children don’t come with a book of instructions,” or do they? Join our Angel Moms In Training Host, Monica Iglesias, as she shares how you can access your child’s unique set of instructions.

Depression and Thoughts Of Suicide Part II – The Parent

08-21-17  Depression and Thoughts Of Suicide Part II – The Parent

Description:  Young Adults aren’t the only ones that experience depression and thoughts of suicide. Mothers (and Fathers) can experience them too.  Postpartum depression is common after childbirth and can last for years. There is situational depression, depression brought on my medications, or chemical imbalances in the brain and so forth. As Mothers, we may seem less likely to commit suicide because of the responsibility and love we have for our children, but depression can feel debilitating and one can find it very difficult to find any love in their heart while struggling through depression. What can be done? Is medication the answer? Are there alternatives?

In hopes of supporting and empowering mothers everywhere who may be experiencing this, Host Monica Iglesias and special guest Misty Davis, join to discuss and shed light on this sensitive topic from a soul-based perspective and share ways to make it through to the other side of depression.  Learn how to move through it, call on the powers of Heaven and your Higher Self, and feed your brain what it needs to function at optimal levels and return to a space of peace, love, joy, and connection. Understanding depression from a higher perspective will further assist you with accepting and loving yourself, supporting your family, empowering your children, and being your highest contribution to the world.

Guest Bio: Misty Davis grew up moving around a lot and even lived in a homeless Shelter. She didn’t have an easy childhood but appreciates everything she has learned that has made her who she is today.  “There is no shame in anything that I have been through,” she says. She married young at 15 and had her first child at 16. Among the many jobs she’s had, her favorite is being a mother, although it has challenges of it’s own. She got remarried later in life to a wonderful man and has a blended family with “his, hers, and ours” children, all of which she feels are her own. She’s working to become a health coach, a mentor and is writing a book about depression and how to overcome it in holistic ways. Because of her own experience with depression and suicide, she feels passionate about helping others through this difficult time in their lives. She feels that if she can even help one person, she would be extremely grateful and fulfilled.

Guiding Your Child through Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

08-07-17  Guiding Your Child through Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

Suicide has become a leading cause of death among teenagers. It’s on the rise and can happen at any age. Having low moments in life are inevitable, but how can you help your child cope and even thrive through times like these? What influences it? How can you recognize their internal battle? Join Host Monica Iglesias in discussing conscious and soul based ways of parenting to create healthy connections with your child. Learn how to create a safe space for them to express themselves, be able guide them through the darkest moments of their lives, and even prevent addictions and drug abuse?

5 Parenting Upgrades for the New Age

07-24-17   5 Parenting Upgrades for the New Age

There are many parenting practices that are common in teaching children proper behavior etiquette: Do these practices really work? What are they really creating in the children? in you as a parent? and in our society? Is this what we really want? A society of slaves, masks, fake expressions, low vibrations, and empty words. The concept may be there, but is there an even better way to go about it? Join Angel Moms In Training Host Monica Iglesias and take a deeper look at 5 of these practices from a conscious and soul based perspective in order to create the ultimate desired results of gratitude, honor, respect, higher vibration and children living their maximum potential.  Upgrade your parenting today and see amazing results.