The Powerful “Being” You Are

10-23-17  The Powerful “Being” You Are

Beyond what you say or do, your energy, frequency, and vibration tells a story to the children. It teaches them, liberates them from their fears, motivates and inspires them, or can create the exact opposite. Learn what your energy is telling your children, how you can shift it, and how you can create an even deeper impact on a child’s life in this segment of Angel Moms In Training.

Why Do Kids Lie?

10-09-17 Why Do Kids Lie?

Children are born innocent. Yet when they are only a few years of age, they begin to lie.  So why do they lie? Where does this come from? Why does anyone lie for that matter? Join Angel Moms In Training Host Monica Iglesias in discussing the root causes of lying, gain added perspective, and learn how you can empower a child to be honest, truthful, and take accountability for their own actions.

How Do I Get My Child To Be Obedient?

09-18-17  How Do I Get My Child To Be Obedient?

Do you find yourself dictating commands to your children, expecting them to be obedient, and not getting the results you want? Do you find yourself threatening consequences or punishments? Is it possible to create a happy and orderly home that functions in love and peace without obedience? Entertain that possibility and Join Angel Moms In Training host, Monica Iglesias, for a conscious and soul-based perspective on this topic. Upgrade your “obedience” paradigm for the new age

Accessing Your Child’s Unique Set of Instructions

09-04-17 Accessing Your Child’s Unique Set of Instructions

No two children are exactly the same and one size parenting doesn’t fit all. You may have heard, “Children don’t come with a book of instructions,” or do they? Join our Angel Moms In Training Host, Monica Iglesias, as she shares how you can access your child’s unique set of instructions.