The Power of Questions, Emotions, and Embracing Change

04-23-18  The Power of Questions, Emotions, and Embracing Change

In a farewell address, Angel Moms In Training host,  Monica Iglesias, shares some valuable insights on the  power of questions, emotions, and embracing change.  Discover the secret to empowering children within this segment.

A special thank you to everyone who made this radio show series possible without you, this show would not exist.  Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!

Becoming an Angel Mom: It’s an Inside Job!

03-12-18 Becoming an Angel Mom: It’s an Inside Job!

What could be the greatest gift you could give a child? Would it be something you would purchase that they liked? Would it be quality time you spend with them? Affection? Words of affirmation? Could there be something even more valuable besides Love that could keep gifting for a life?

The greatest gift you can give a child is YOU. All of you. Being 100% present, standing in your beautiful divine power and your magnificence. But how can you do this? It’s an inside Job. Sometimes you have to face your stuff. You get to see that reflection in the mirror and heal the wounds and embrace the shadows. Join host Monica Iglesias as she discusses the importance and challenges of doing the inside work and how it can ultimately benefit ourselves the children and those we love around us.

How Are You Limiting Your Child’s Potential and How to Fix It!

02-19-18  How Are You Limiting Your Child’s Potential and How to Fix It!

Have you ever felt your potential limited by someone who you felt should love and believe in you? Do you feel that you may be following in those footsteps and limiting the potential of your own child, or loved one? There are things that we do every day, either consciously or subconsciously that may be limiting a child’s potential. You may not even be aware of it. The good news is knowledge is power and awareness is half the battle. Perhaps you are already aware and just don’t know how to change it. Join Angel Moms In Training’s host Monica Iglesias as she discusses the common ways parents limit a child’s potential and ways to shift in order to empower the children to achieve their greatest success.

The “Perfect” Parent

01-22-18  The “Perfect” Parent

Are you struggling to be the Perfect Parent? There are many views out there as to what the “perfect” mom looks like, acts like, and talks like. We often compare ourselves and feel insignificant and not good enough. But what if… the perfection is in the perceived imperfections and we’ve been missing the point all along? Learn from the ebbs and flow in your life and how each moment can be a gift to both you and your child. Listen with an open heart and gain valuable insights in your own life.