14 Day Forgiveness Challenge

10-09-17  14 Day Forgiveness Challenge

Introducing the 14 day forgiveness challenge on Facebook live!!! Also, revisiting the importance of understanding and releasing our ancestral wounds, traumas and programs. Remember every time we forgive and heal something in ourselves our family and all humanity are also relieved of the burden too!

Life is a Journey and the Road isn’t Always Flat

09-18-17  Life is a Journey and the Road isn’t Always Flat

Good days & challenging days, we all have them including me. This week we’ll talk about how life is a journey and the road isn’t always flat but that’s ok if we are open to the process. We’ll also introduce a forgiveness affirmation and explore how affirmations are different than prayers and each can be seen as tools for our tool box that we bring with us on the journey of life.

Sex and Forgiveness

09-04-17  Sex and Forgiveness

Ever wonder why most of us struggle so much with intimacy? I have!!! If there’s one thing I’ve found that it’s our most intimate relationships, particularly the ones with a sexual component that will trigger many of our deepest wounds and then self-destruct. Let’s explore how forgiveness can be the key to opening our hearts and souls to fearless and ecstatic intimacy!

Why Do We Avoid Forgiveness?

08-21-17  Why Do We Avoid Forgiveness?

Why do we avoid forgiveness? We all do it, I know I have… but why? This week we’ll talk about why we can be so reluctant to actually forgive not only others but especially ourselves. We’ll also talk about why forgiveness and the energy we put out to the universe (yes they are intimately connected) is so important now. We are in a time when the world around us is changing in every way imaginable… what is the world that WE want to create for ourselves, our future generations and all life? The future can be bright and beautiful if we want it to be. All we have to do is embrace FORGIVENESS, PEACE AND LOVE day by day and it can all be ours!!!