The Relationship between Love-Gratitude-Forgiveness

11-30-17  The Relationship between Love-Gratitude-Forgiveness

Dreamvisions 7 Radio YouTube Live Episode

The Power of Forgiveness with Lou Lessard
Forgiveness!!! Exploring the relationship between Love-Gratitude-Forgiveness and inherited family trauma that might come up for the holidays and some other juicy things!!

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Gratitude and the Art of Apologizing

11-27-17   Gratitude and the Art of Apologizing

“This week we have a fun exploration of forgiveness, family and the holidays! Gratitude and the art of apologizing are woven in as well. Learning how to be conscious in how we apologize and forgive are important steps we all take on our journey to becoming more awake!”

Forgiveness in Relationships & the Value of a Forgiveness Coach

11-13-17 Forgiveness in Relationships & the Value of a Forgiveness Coach

Forgiveness and Relationships! This episode we will dig into how forgiveness can play a vital role in finding and nurturing a healthy loving relationship. How our “triggers” become projections and setup us up for trouble. We’ll also discuss the value a Forgiveness Coach or other forms of support and guidance can be extremely helpful for navigating the rough times, especially with intimate partners with whom we feel most vulnerable.

Upcoming Holiday Season & Our Families

10-23-17  Upcoming Holiday Season & Our Families

This week we talk about how the holiday season can be a particularly stressful time for most of us. Work, extra expenses, travel…and our families and all the memories. This show got particularly emotional for me, which I did not anticipate. That’s reality though and it gave me a chance to feel and start the healing process on a whole new level and isn’t that what its all about?