Digging Deep into Our Family Lineage

03-19-18  Digging Deep into Our Family Lineage

Just how much do our ancestors affect us? In this episode we start to really dig deep into our family lineage and get a much clearer understanding of WHY we are who we are. Our ancestors still live within us genetically in more ways than we can imagine and this may be THE key to gaining our freedom!

Getting to Know Lou

02-19-18  Getting to Know Lou

Some people have been asking how I got to this place and time in my life where Forgiveness is such an important, maybe THE important, focus of my existence. We also, get back to the basics and walk through my take on the Forgiveness process and how we all already know what to do.

Reflection of Forgiveness

01-29-18 Reflection of Forgiveness

This episode Lou shares a beautiful reflection on Forgiveness that was given to him by a friend, truly amazing!!! We revisit the Lords Prayer but this time a translation of the Aramaic version, which is considered by some to be the original version taught by Jesus, and how it has some beautiful references to forgiveness that are just as relevant today as they we over two thousand years ago!

Judging and How to Forgive Ourselves

01-01-18 Judging and How to Forgive Ourselves

This episode we talk about how not being able to forgive ourselves and others can show up as judgment of others, being judged by other but ultimately judging OURSELVES for something we don’t like or accept within. Forgiveness coaching is also discussed in greater detail and how it can and will help us on our healing journey.