On the Transit of Saturn in Capricorn, its Conjunction with Pluto in the Spring of 2019

01-24-18 On the Transit of Saturn in Capricorn, its Conjunction with Pluto in the Spring of 2019

On this show of Cosmic Harmony, Jennifer speaks with astrologer and author Eric Meyers, MA, on the transit of Saturn in Capricorn, its conjunction with Pluto in the Spring of 2019, and the potential impact on individual and collective evolution.  Also discussed is Eric’s research on the Progressed Moon declinations and how they affect personal cycles in the individual seasons of growth and maturity.  Jennifer plays Saturn and Pluto together for the us to hold the intention of transforming fear and scarcity thinking (low vibration of Saturn/Pluto, experienced during and post 9/11, to one of integrity (high vibration Saturn) and empowerment (Pluto) for the authentic self.

Following One’s Intuition

12-27-17 Following One’s Intuition

On this episode, Jennifer discusses the benefits of following one’s intuition with a woman who is herself an astrologer, musician, and writer, wanting to inspire more people with her stories so that they, too, can follow their own intuitive guidance.  She is able to feel the harmonic blends opening and expanding her heart chakra, the path to true joy and purposeful leadership.

The Planet Sedna

11-22-17 The Planet Sedna

On this show we’re discussing the planet Sedna, discovered on Nov. 13, 2003, with psychotherapist and Aspect Pattern Astrologer, John D. Grove.  John’s contributions illuminate Jennifer’s own cosmic connection and desire to bring forth healing messages from the universe, and offer remarkable insights into what the Sedna Archetype means for healing our planet. His work is also acknowledged in the book Jennifer is currently writing about Sedna, with the theme of turning myth into medicine. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join and support our global healing initiative!!

Being New to Astrology with Planetary Tones

10-25-17  Being New to Astrology with Planetary Tones

Join us as we introduce astrological concepts to a woman for whom astrology is brand new.  You’ll hear her amazement upon learning how it describes her life with uncanny accuracy, and listen to her questions regarding what it all means and how to use this information going forward.  As we do on each show, we will introduce the planetary tones most prevalent in her current cycle of growth to help facilitate the shift from old patterns so that she can easily and joyfully embrace new perspectives.