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Books We Adore For Kids

Books We Adore for Kids


The One and Only Ben, Author Mark Nelson O’Brien

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The Case of the Missing Baby, author Caden C. Whitlock

Caden didn't know where his brother was. So, he set out on a journey to find him. He meets the one and only person who knows for sure where Cody is. Join Caden on his adventure to solve The Case of the Missing Baby This is the first book by the Whitlock Children. See...

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Wisdom in the MEOW, author Kimberly Fleck

A simplistic and fun way to approach your daily life through the lens of Wu Kitty and her trusty sidekick, Finnegan, the white dog with the brown spots. Wu Kitty and Finn provide insight on how to be more present and open to all the beauty and love that surrounds us....

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Rose’s Foal, author Scarlett Lewis

Rose's Foal, author Scarlett Lewis Rose's Foal is written by Scarlett Lewis and illustrated with her photographs taken as the story unfolds. The book is a warmhearted story about Rose, a gentle and wise draft horse living on a farm in Connecticut, and her newborn...

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Everything You Give Comes Back, author Heather Lean

"The love you give out comes right back to you." When Jordan has a bad day at school his mom shares a rule: "Just ask yourself, as you count up to three... What kind of person do I want to be?" The next day Jordan practices this rule and discovers how kind deeds go a...

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Angel Grandma and Angel Grandpa Author Heather Lean

Angel Grandma, author Heather Lean Losing a grandma can be devastating for a child... Angel Grandma is a heartfelt poem made to help children connect with the loved one who has passed on. This book is a beautifully written reminder that those who are gone are never...

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Albert The Peace Tree, author Reverend Kiah Abendroth

Come join us, as we meet Albert the Peace Tree! Open your heart. Listen deeply to the life around you. A charming book for all ages, ready to inspire a love for the beautiful world we live in. Reverend Kiah Abendroth's passion for nature and respect for youth have...

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The Secret to Beating the Dragon, author Lynn Reilly

Andrew and his grandmother are best friends and spend their time together telling stories of conquering imaginary dragons (fear) by being brave (looking fear in the eye). As Gram ages and her life ends, Andrew is left to battle the dragons alone until he discovers...

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Up To You! Author PJ Fay

Up To You! is a delightful journey about creating your dreams come true! Join Pj, and her little dog Charlie, on the beach building sandcastles when the Sun beams brightly and speaks to them. The Sun tells them how much they are loved, and along the way, shares the...

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What Do Animals Say? author, Jennifer Murphy-Morrical

Animals are a very special part of our world …. there are so many to love and admire! What do they say to you? Explore our natural world and discover what the animals can teach us about health, love and listening to our spirit. Listen closely and you will hear the...

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Twig and Monarch author Elsie Goodwin Gregory

Twig and Monarch is a wonderful story about courage, growth, pride, humility, sadness and coming of age. While you might consider it a children’s story that takes place in a forest near you, there are life lessons that even adults reading the story can relate to. Read...

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Nanny and Me, author Florence Ann Romano

Saying goodbye to Mommy and Daddy can be sad, but it means I get to see my special friend Nanny. While Mommy and Daddy are at work, Nanny takes care of my brother and me. Are you ready to have a fun adventure today? she asks. I always say yes! As a dedicated...

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Dreamvisions 7 Radio & TV Network participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


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