Beyond the Christmas Story: Becoming the Christ

12-18-16  Beyond the Christmas Story: Becoming the Christ

It’s that time of year when we celebrate the Christmas Story!  In that beloved Nativity scene, all the original players—Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and the Three Wise Men were real people.  And they are real to us today as the Ascended Masters who have gained Christhood and are still here to guide us to our own individualized expression of the Christ.

Saint Germain who was embodied as Joseph said: “As one of those so privileged as to have been an embodied part of that first Christmas…our thoughts again turn in memory to the old, old and yet ever-new pageant of that God-event.  The true Christmas story…is far more than a mere pageant.  It always brings a vibrant, ever-living exaltation of spirit to any and all who will humbly and gratefully fix their attention for a few moments upon the realization of its symbology–that which one day must take place for every one of the presently unascended of earth.”

The Three Wise Men are also now ascended beings—Melchior as the Master Morya, Balthazar as the Master Kuthumi, and Caspar as the Master Djwal Kul.  These were those illumined lifestreams who followed their own still, small voice within—the promptings of their inner Christ Presence.  This divine wisdom drew them–each one–from their comfortable abodes in various parts of the Orient, to travel alone through dangerous and bandit-infested mountain passes and lonely desert wastes, until they all arrived at the same place.

There is a story behind the Christmas Story.  And we are bringing it home as we look at Christmas in a whole new way to see what it means for us.   Please join us and our guests Mark and Donna Myers.

Mark Myers is a veteran researcher, in the lineage of Sherlock Holmes, and graduated suma cum laude from Montana State University. Professionally, he investigates the medical and biochemical literature to develop integrative health solutions to major illnesses; while his personal time is consumed ferreting out hidden information about the spiritual dimensions and history of our universe.

Donna Myers is a Registered Nurse and a practitioner of several healing modalities including, Bach Flower remedies, nutritional counseling, colon hydrotherapy, and personal growth counseling.  She has a Master’s degree in Dance, has taught yoga in the past and currently teaches English.  As a student of the ascended masters, she combines her skills and training in the healing modalities with teaching practical spirituality.

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