Balance and Harmony: Active Love

10-12-17  Balance and Harmony: Active Love

Active Love is the work needed to create balance and harmony in our lives and our world.What is balance but the even and equal distribution of forces.  Think of a scale perfectly balanced where neither side is heavier or lighter than the other side.  In our lives this means actively working through imbalance to achieve a state of balance by injecting

Love into the situation. What makes us chaotic, anxious, unraveling with drama, descending into confusion, anger, and hostility?  It is the forgetting of the truth of our divine nature which is Love.  Love is patient, love is kind, and love takes its time with things and allows situations to be as they are without resistance.  In Actively Loving our way through periods of imbalance we become balanced.

Harmony is the state of freedom and appreciation that becomes a state of being in the wake of Balanced living.  And so again, Active Love creates the conditions from which Harmony is felt and experienced, for Harmony is always there in the background, running like an operating system, always present.  Yet we are so focused on the exterior world, the headlines, the immediate needs that we forget that we are being held in a Harmonious wave of Love that is always there supporting us.

Tonight we’ll talk about balance and harmony and what it means to use Love or rather to actively BE Love in the world. For more on this show visit

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