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Awakening to True Happiness Archives with David Hoffmeister

Letting Go of the World

07-12-17  Letting Go of the World​ The ego would have us believe that in order to be happy, we must satisfy ourselves with the things that the world offers: a good...

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Awakening Can Be Gentle

06-28-17  Awakening Can Be Gentle Description: Spiritual awakening does not have to be a struggle. On the contrary, we can learn to be very gentle and kind with...

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The World is an Illusion

06-14-17  The World is an Illusion In this talk by mystic David Hoffmeister, he starts off by quoting the character Morpheus from the movie, "The Matrix". In the...

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The Inward Journey

05-31-17   The Inward Journey The ego in us always wants to see the cause of our problems as outside of ourselves and beyond our ability to change. But truth would...

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What’s My Purpose?

05-17-17  What’s My Purpose? When caught up in our ego thinking it c​an feel as though we have no purpose. That is because the ego's purposes for us are all...

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Let It Go

05-03-17   Let It Go Everything that is needed for us to awaken to our True Nature is always here and now. Whatever needs to happen for us to go deeper in the...

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Devotion and the Key to Happiness

04-19-17   Devotion and the Key to Happiness Description: When setting out on the path of Self-discovery, it can seem like a daunting task of undoing all that we...

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The Happy Dream

04-05-17  The Happy Dream Description: We try and find happiness in relationships, jobs, and money, but all the while it seems just out of reach. So we continue to...

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Toward a Rapid Awakening

03-22-17 Toward a Rapid Awakening Description: Your spiritual awakening can be relatively rapid, and two of the fastest ways are through silence and relationship....

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Love is Our Source

03-08-17  Love is Our Source The goal of spiritual practice is to be in the flow of presence, to be tuned into Spirit. Decision-making becomes simple and easy when...

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Awakening Through Desire

02-22-17   Awakening Through Desire The speed of our awakening is not determined by anything but our DESIRE to go Home. Surrendering to Spirit will always be...

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Let Spirit Decide

02-08-17   Let Spirit Decide Description: The goal of spiritual practice is to be in the flow of Presence, to be tuned into Spirit, and wiling to listen to and...

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The Power Is in Your Mind

01-25-17   The Power Is in Your Mind In this talk, mystic David Hoffmeister shares about the concept of true versus false empathy that is spoken about in A Course...

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Practicing A Course in Miracles

01-11-17   Practicing A Course in Miracles Description: Forgiveness is the core practice of A Course in Miracles, which offers us a program of healing the mind....

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The Illusion of Personhood

01-07-17   Title: The Illusion of Personhood Love is Who We Are, and Love does not possess. In the modern-day spiritual classic A Course in Miracles (ACIM), it is...

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Quantum Physics & Spirituality

12-28-16   Quantum Physics & Spirituality Quantum physics shows that, ultimately, there is no objective world, and that all of consciousness is subjective....

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Following Spirit’s Guidance

12-21-16   Following Spirit's Guidance In this talk, David shares on the topic of spiritual guidance and how important it is to follow it. Guidance is like a...

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Allowing Emotions

12-14-16   Allowing Emotions At a retreat in Australia, David shares the importance of allowing emotions to arise on the spiritual journey for authentic healing to...

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