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Awakening to True Happiness Archives with David Hoffmeister

Clueless, Carefree and Cared For

07-03-18 Clueless, Carefree and Cared For Divine Presence is completely unaffected by perception. When we open ourselves to healing, to becoming aligned with the...

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From Fear to Miracles Part 2

06-20-18 From Fear to Miracles Part 2 We continue our exploration of how to live the teachings of Chapter 2, Section 6 of A Course in Miracles: Fear &...

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From Fear to Miracles!

06-04-18 From Fear to Miracles! In this episode we hear David talking about how to live the teachings of A Course in Miracles - especially Chapter 2, Section 6 on...

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Using Relationships for Awakening

05-09-18 Using Relationships for Awakening Enjoy this profound session - which is part of the "Awakening from the Dream" Online Retreat with David Hoffmeister, on...

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A Journey of Divine Innocence

11-27-17   A Journey of Divine Innocence We often feel that there is a deeper meaning to life that our heart is calling for. We know that somewhere inside of us is...

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Devotion to Spirit

10-18-17 Title: Devotion to Spirit Description: Peace is a state of mind that is simply the nature of what is. It is what is. It is a turning of your mind from...

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Exposing the Ego

10-04-17  Exposing the Ego The ego is nothing more than the false belief in separation, yet it masquerades itself quite ingeniously by appearing as other beliefs,...

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Simplicity and Divine Providence

09-06-17  Simplicity and Divine Providence All complexity is of the ego mind, which creates opposites and divisions to maintain our perception of duality and...

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Spiritual Vision

08-23-17  Spiritual Vision A Course in Miracles is a pathway of letting our perception about everything we think we know be replaced by spiritual vision. Spiritual...

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A Pathway of Humbleness

08-09-17  A Pathway of Humbleness In this live talk from 2014, David shares his pathway to humbleness on his awakening journey. When we take our steps on our...

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Free Your Mind from Suffering

07-26-17  Free Your Mind from Suffering We hold many thoughts and beliefs about ourselves in our unconscious minds that we don’t even know exist. These beliefs are...

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Letting Go of the World

07-12-17  Letting Go of the World​ The ego would have us believe that in order to be happy, we must satisfy ourselves with the things that the world offers: a good...

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Awakening Can Be Gentle

06-28-17  Awakening Can Be Gentle Description: Spiritual awakening does not have to be a struggle. On the contrary, we can learn to be very gentle and kind with...

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