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Awakening to True Happiness Archives with David Hoffmeister

Into The Mystic Part 3

11-07-18  Into The Mystic Part 3 We take our next step “Into the Mystic” - an online retreat that was offered in September 2018. This week David Hoffmeister reminds us that Jesus is calling us out of this world, into our mind, with the shared purpose of forgiveness....

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Into The Mystic Part 2

10-24-18 Into The Mystic part 2 We dive in and come back to the “Into the Mystic” Online retreat for the end of the first session this week. We are joined by special guests Michael Caruana and Kirsten Buxton who were host at the retreat held in September 2018. This...

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Into The Mystic

10-10-18 Into The Mystic On this week's show we are joined by special guests Michael Caruana and Kirsten Buxton who hosted Awakening from the Dream online retreat held in September 2018. In this opening session, David introduces the topic of mysticism and gives an...

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Quantum Immersion

09-26-18 Quantum Immersion This talk is taken from the Quantum Immersion Retreat in Chapala Mexico. Whereby a group gathered to go deeper into such questions on...

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Clueless, Carefree and Cared For

07-03-18 Clueless, Carefree and Cared For Divine Presence is completely unaffected by perception. When we open ourselves to healing, to becoming aligned with the...

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From Fear to Miracles Part 2

06-20-18 From Fear to Miracles Part 2 We continue our exploration of how to live the teachings of Chapter 2, Section 6 of A Course in Miracles: Fear & Conflict....

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From Fear to Miracles!

06-04-18 From Fear to Miracles! In this episode we hear David talking about how to live the teachings of A Course in Miracles - especially Chapter 2, Section 6 on...

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Using Relationships for Awakening

05-09-18 Using Relationships for Awakening Enjoy this profound session - which is part of the "Awakening from the Dream" Online Retreat with David Hoffmeister, on...

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A Journey of Divine Innocence

11-27-17   A Journey of Divine Innocence We often feel that there is a deeper meaning to life that our heart is calling for. We know that somewhere inside of us is...

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Devotion to Spirit

10-18-17 Title: Devotion to Spirit Description: Peace is a state of mind that is simply the nature of what is. It is what is. It is a turning of your mind from...

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