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UniversalSoul_Jacqueline_Boyd06-14-16  Det David and Dr Lana Love are excited to have Australian social activist and animal rights advocate Jacqueline Boyd

We’re looking forward to a lively discussion about civil rights, environmental advocacy, animal communication, spirituality, and metaphysical philosophy.

Jacqueline Boyd Born in Sydney Australia 1975 Relative of artist Author Boyd.

  • At age 12, Jacqui sold a painting at gallery to Environment Minister Tim Moore who displayed the painting in Parliament House Sydney Competed in dressage on a national level.
  • Won Rider of the Year twice. Turned down position to train the stallions at El-Cabano Blanco.
  • Formidable chess player, has won a match against the NSW state chess champion and played a famous grand master from Russia.
  • During her teen years, Jacqui committed to volunteer work including Riding for the Disabled, Animal Care, Teachers Aide to Special School Students, Neighbourhood Aid, and many other charitable organizations.
  • Jacqueline completed Animal Attendance Certificate, now Veterinary Technology (Started Science Degree).
  • Age 24, struck down in motor vehicle accident that claimed R foot. Joined forces with Anthony Roberts to successfully restrict the use of bull bar on cars/ 4×4 in Sydney. Jacqui then focused her volunteer efforts towards Animal Welfare because this is an area in crisis.
  • Introduced professional photography to animal welfare Won wlpa 2013 distinguished volunteer award Won wlpa 2014 Compassion Award (highest award). Photographs published in media, online, and the newspaper, Telegraph, Times, and Advocate.
  • Jacqui’s photographs published in a coffee table book by Pan MacMillian due for release December 2015
  • Gamer: Modern Warfare 3, currently ranks in the top .2% of 20 million players, Team Death match.
  • Has visited with spiritual healers over the past decade. Has experienced a poltergeist in her home.
  • Guest has been in a coma for 9 days, and clinically died three times.

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