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“Abundance! Money, Marketing & Mindset” with Joyce Logan & Charlene Chiaro

Charlene ChiaroLive a Joy-Filled Life

Welcome to “Abundance!  Money, Marketing & Mindset” with Joyce Logan and Charlene Chiaro. With their wisdom, empathy and laughter, Author of “Starving your Fears”, Joyce Logan, PHD and Business expert and motivational speaker, Charlene Chiaro, are passionate about helping you to live the life you desire! Whether struggling with stress in your personal or professional world, they will calm your nerves and help you to create a plan so you can truly enjoy your life by changing the way you look at things. They will help you to go from panic to peace in your personal and professional life!

Starving Your Fears author Joyce Logan, Ph.DStarving Your Fears: From Panic to Peace in 10 Easy Steps author Joyce Logan, Ph.D

How does one starve their fears away? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this powerful, easy-read due to the author’s ability to get to the heart of your fears and help you to melt them away by not feeding them! “I’ve been your human “Guinea pig” and know what works. The methods I’ll share with you will save you years of research and money!” Joyce E. Logan, Ph.D. The author suffered with severe panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years and is living proof that anyone can choke off the lifeline of fearful, negative thoughts and words that will not only bring immediate relief, but lifelong joy and peace. This book is written on a level few can write about because she lived it! For the reader, Joyce Logan is your human “Guinea Pig” who has been through it all, and able to provide you with a common sense approach to a quick recovery. Starving Your Fears simply explains how you can literally “starve” fears away and provides you with the “tools” you’ll need to carry with you all of your life. Filled with inspirational quotes and stories from those who sought her help, this book will change your life!

Broadcasts Weekly Friday 7am & 7pmET

Joyce & Charlene’s “Abundance” Wisdom This Week

“Abundance! Money, Marketing & Mindset” with Joyce Logan & Charlene Chiaro

Friday 7am/7pmET


Vegetarian Market with Peter Dodge & Success Genie with Kim Kasparian

Meet Entrepreneur Peter Dodge!  Learn how his vision for healthy living turned into a lifelong family business.

Peter created an extraordinary vegetarian market nearly 45 years ago which is more than just a marketplace, it’s a community experience where you can’t make a wrong choice if you’re desiring to live a healthy lifestyle.  This was always the dream of Peter Dodge, who was an integral part of creating this type of market in 1977 with a group of Yogis who wanted to promote their mind, body, spirit connection lifestyle to the public. “The philosophy that existed 44 years ago still exists today,” says owner Peter Dodge. While others in that group went into different directions, Peter’s vision and passion only increased; today he still owns and runs the store along with his wife, Fran, two sons, Justin and Nathaniel, grandson Alvin and granddaughters Kevala and Pramila. In addition to their full-time duties, the family is also heavily involved in a number of charity efforts worldwide and in the United States. From providing food, education and even music lessons to families in Haiti to helping victims to rebuild their homes during the many hurricanes we’ve experienced along the east coast and the Caribbean over the years.  To learn more about Peter and his business:

Kim KasparianLearn how to have Peace Joy and Profit all at the same time with “Success Genie” Owner & Coach, Kim Kasparian.  Her no holds-barred, hand-holding, obstacle- smashing success coaching method makes Kim a highly sought-after coach. She understands the struggles and fears you hold inside your heart when faced with accepting your innate greatness.

She is known for her wisdom, tough love, support and accountability with Soul. Kim will allow you to open up and enjoy the full Technicolor experience that is your birthright.


Learn more about Joyce here:

Learn more about Charlene here:

Joyce Logan host of Starving Your Fears – From Panic to PeaceBio: Joyce Logan, author of Starving Your Fears – From Panic to Peace in 10 Easy Steps, holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She founded “The Wellness Center” in Connecticut, which she presided over for many years; helping people with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, weight loss, smoking cessation and business growth as well.

With a duel career in public relations and wellness, Joyce is the former founder and president of Fan Emporium, Inc. a celebrity based public relations firm where she worked one-on-one with her clientele which included many top recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, John Mellencamp, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins, Kenny G., to name a few.

Starving Your Fears is her recently released book; she has co-authored several books and was interviewed on many occasions by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and featured on numerous TV shows and national magazines. Joyce continues to inspire and help those struggling with anxiety and stress; she also works along with companies utilizing her public relations skills for their business growth.

Joyce holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy from The American Institute of Holistic Theology in Youngstown, OH, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist from The National Guild of Hypnotists in NH; she recently completed the “Science of Wellness” certificate program at Yale.

Charlene ChiaroBio: Charlene Chiaro, with over 20 years of experience in marketing and event planning, Charlene has held various marketing management positions with New Mass Media, the Journal Register Company and Summagraphics Corporation.  As the owner and founder of Clear Vision Productions, Charlene was also the Associate Publisher of two New England based publications, New England Bride and New England Corporate Events in the greater Boston market where she worked for 10 years.  In this capacity, she oversaw the sales, marketing, art and editorial departments and produced over 60 major events.

Her company, Clear Vision Productions, is an event planning and marketing company based in Connecticut; she created and branded the “Fun Girl’s Night Out” events.  These events attract thousands of women and hundreds of exhibitors each year from Boston to New Jersey. Charlene has created a successful business design for the record breaking expo shows.

Charlene has recently been featured on CBS TV’s affiliate station in CT and on numerous radio shows, newspapers and magazine articles as well. She was also honored with a “Rising Star” award in Business, New Haven, CT, and in Quinnipiac University Alumni Magazine. Charlene is a graduate of Quinnipiac University in CT with a degree in Marketing.

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