S.O.U.L. On Air with Evan Hirsch & Kip Baldwin

S.O.U.L.’s mission is: sharing information and resources to accelerate humanity’s shift into the Love Paradigm by giving hope, inspiring action, and manifesting change.

At S.O.U.L., we endeavor to produce content that empowers people and motivates participation in creating a world whose primary motive is nurturing life. We believe that using imagination and shared vision, we can combine our human ingenuity and the technology we create – along with our physical efforts and spiritual awakening – to organize the logistics of collaboration to accomplish this. We feel that the more voices that help inspire and guide the collective spirit of humanity towards this transformational shift the better. Come visit us online at NowShareLove.org, sign up for our mailing list, and get inspired to go out and take action.


  • Reach as broad a cross section of humanity as possible.
  • Inspire and promote transformational happenings during 2017 S.O.U.L.
  • Open minds to change by providing a window into positive alternatives to thinking and action.
  • Reevaluate the definitions of success, wealth, and progress.
  • Discover and illustrate new ideas, realistic solutions, and innovative approaches to living.
  • Give hope by showing that a future in which life is nurtured is within our reach.
  • Provide a directory of SOULmates: organizations designed to nurture our thriving.

Value Tenets:

S.O.U.L. discovers, shares and promotes ideas and SOULutions created by individuals and organizations that align with our value tenets:

  • Love is the motivation: caring for others, assuring basic needs are met, and fostering the growth of the individual so creativity and human potential can flourish.
  • Going beyond treating symptoms of problems and pursuing actual cures for the foundational causes.
  • Measuring success by the momentum built and the number of hearts and minds opened by their efforts, as well as the thriving in the wake of what they are resolving.
  • Teaching people how to think not what to think.
  • Basic empathy for life itself.
  • Promoting Love, by creating ritual to unite people without prejudice or discrimination.

Everything on our show is intended to uplift, inspire, and unify. We are all connected; one Love. This is our story to write; let’s make it a Love story.

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“Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food”  ~ Hippocrates

We want to be healthy. We want to eat better. Don’t we?

“Food, sustenance, the staff of life. This is the stuff that keeps us alive. What kind of relationship do we have with it? Where is it coming from, and what did it take to bring it to us? Do we recognize food for the medicine that it can be and pay attention to what we’re putting in our bodies so that we can thrive, or do we ignore the ramifications of our industrialized food system and continue to pollute both our internal and external ecosystems?” ~ Now Share Love/S.O.U.L. “Invitation to Action” short film

Kip and Evan dig into the importance of food in our lives in this installment of S.O.U.L. On Air, asking us to stop for a moment and think about what we are eating, how we are eating it, and what it takes to produce and deliver our food. Without sustenance, we cannot survive. Unfortunately, oftentimes, with our current means of feeding ourselves, the sustenance itself can be the cause of our illness and even death. Many of us in the West have been raised into a world where we eat what is processed for and then marketed to us, not necessarily what is healthy and what nature provided for us. Only now are we beginning to wonder if that was done with our best interests or the best interests of the planet at heart…

However, Kip and Evan are also not trying to sound like they are health gurus, as they, like most of us, are just doing their best to bring awareness to their own eating practices. That is why they are going public with the proclamation that what they do to feed themselves is likely unsustainable, and certainly not the most nourishing and or in harmony with both their internal and external ecosystems. You could say they are, “Evolving out loud,” by sharing with others what they are learning, as well as their personal challenges, to improving their diet and by extension their health.
“Don’t eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. There are a great many food-like items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food.. stay away from these”  ~ Michael Pollan

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 Evan_KipBIO: A walking commercial for everything about which he speaks, Evan Hirsch has always gravitated toward the positive in life. Discovering interesting facets of culture and our natural world – a curiosity initially piqued as a child by the influence of his mother – has been a favorite past time; and in the tradition of her community college teaching, Loves to share the insights gained with an interested audience. Through his passion-for-life and infectious energy, you’ll hear him talking about things intended to elicit an upbeat reaction.

An early internal instinct compelled a generous spirit. A mother’s-little-helper attitude placed him in the kitchen assisting with food preparation and soaking up the knowledge of this fundamental skill, which led to a first degree in culinary arts and hospitality management. From making meals, mix tapes and beaded jewelry for friends in those early days, to choosing to embark upon a career in hotels, in which he could devote his life to taking care of people and making them happy, there has always been a propensity towards bringing a sparkle to people’s lives.

This sparkle was brought to the big screen when he earned a second degree in motion pictures and television, learning what makes a story compelling and why we tell them. After a nearly decade long career in entertainment, mostly as a game show host, guitar player, event emcee, and wedding DJ, the impulse to devote his life towards something more substantial became too pervasive to ignore.

When his interest in contributing to a broader-based positive impact in the world overshadowed the desire to simply earn an income, Evan sought out a wider reach to the influence of his gifts. The new non-profit organization he co-founded called S.O.U.L. (Summer of Unconditional Love) is the vehicle through which he offers the talents, creative potential, experience, and wisdom developed along the way to a new and wider audience.

For people who are ready to harmonize with the eternally resonating message of Love, and are looking for ways to participate in creating a more collaborative and less competitive future whose primary motive is nurturing life, something often referred to as the Love Paradigm, S.O.U.L. is producing content considered “good news”, and serving as a guiding light for this receptive audience.  http://www.evangaryhirsch.com/

BIO: Kip Baldwin is a cosmic consciousness pioneer exploring the absolute truth of LOVE and Infinity, whose passion and purpose is to share his rememberings to awaken society to the new age/era/paradigm emerging.  Using multiple media platforms to broadcast his activist storytelling, he has connected with millions of people around the world.

Mr. Baldwin’s latest project S.O.U.L. (which he has co-founded with visionary philanthropist Evan Hirsch) takes the work he began almost a decade ago with the Just LOVE Movement and expands it to Infinity.

S.O.U.L. On Air…
Now Kip and Evan are bringing their S.O.U.L.journ to the radio waves with S.O.U.L. On Air. Before co-hosting S.O.U.L. On Air, Kip hosted the Just LOVE Show which boasted more than 50,000 listeners.

The Just LOVE Movement is…
About having the ideal experience of LOVE we seek and is within the power of our choice to have. This means embracing the abundance that life is, over the scarcity we in delusion have manifested; cherishing the eternal treasure of peace with all more than we relish the fleeting profits of war; holding as sacred all other life on Earth, rather than hoarding and squandering it, as if it were created for us alone; and finally, embracing our innate wholeness and infinite connection to all that is.

Kip Baldwin
Mr. Baldwin brings over 25 years of entertainment industry experience in a wide variety of disciplines such as, musician, artist management, artist relations, PR, entertainment journalist, special effects and broadcast graphics producer, actor, writer and producer. Mr. Baldwin is also the founding partner in Aisling Visions Inc. an Idea Fulfillment Group, specializing in sales, marketing and product development.

Projects and clients have ranged from Hearst Ranch and Windy City Novelties to Carlos Falchi Designs and Will Vinton Studios. Further, Mr. Baldwin is co-founder of the United Filmmakers Association, a pay it forward universal creative’s movement which boasts more than 30,000 members globally in fifteen chapters throughout the world.

Come be inspired by visiting United Filmmakers Association (main chapter): https://www.facebook.com/groups/Unifilmmakers/. Creatives helping creatives to create.

Currently, Mr. Baldwin is the producer and/or creator of the following projects; Loophole, Restorations Unlimited, Breaking Bud, The Road to Fenderville, One Hundred Things, Cold Pressed, and Love Floats. Mr. Baldwin also co-created the reality series WEED COUNTRY in cooperation with Studio Lambert and The Discovery Channel, which aired on The Discovery Channel. Its premiere episode drew over 1.1 million viewers and has since seen a steady stream of marathon reruns.

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