S.O.U.L. On Air Radio Ep.3: “What Can I Do?”

soul_adamhirschfelder11-27-16   S.O.U.L. On Air Radio Ep.3: “What Can I Do?”

In S.O.U.L. On Air Radio’s 3rd installment, Kip and Evan focus on one of S.O.U.L.’s fundamental questions, “What Can I Do?” with Adam Hirschfelder – Director of Strategic Initiatives for the California Historical Society. After years in Washington D.C. trying to effect real change, Adam had an awakening that drew him from the seat of America’s power to San Francisco, the heart of America’s LOVE. In Northern California, he felt he could have a more immediate impact in the world of nonprofits and inspiring volunteerism; definitely an aligned goal with S.O.U.L. Adam and the California Historical Society’s latest mission is to remind the world of the impact and importance of the ideals of the 1960’s Hippie movement with a series of exhibitions and events all over the Bay Area and the state of California commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of LOVE in 1967.

California Historical Society Mission…

The California Historical Society, founded in 1871, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and empower people to make California’s richly diverse past a meaningful part of their contemporary lives.

What Can I Do? (From S.O.U.L.’s “An Invitation to Action” short film)

Given our recognition of the vast resources that already exist for us on our planet, and the obviously unlimited energy available to us from the sun, wind and water, using our technology; we can embrace that personal and collective feeling of abundance. Let’s face it, our each waking moment is spent doing something, so we can always ask ourselves, “What am I doing and why?” That opens the door for new choices for action to emerge. When enough of us devote our time and resources towards ensuring the needs of all are met, we’ll already have the unity we yearn for, and we’re creating that new Love Paradigm in all we do. I know in my heart there are millions of people out there wondering what they could do to participate in causing a major shift in our collective thinking towards unity and Love. That despite any current feelings that it’s hopeless to change and that we are powerless to do anything about it, we come together anyway, and see what we can imagine into existence. We appeal to the lovers and the dreamers to come join us. To the children and the children at heart, to the ones who believe there is a better way, and that we can do more to help shape our future and take care of our own. Have we been waiting for a reason to drop the distractions, get off the couch, and work for the greater good? Are we missing the gift of volunteerism, the way it makes us feel, and the company we keep while doing it? We, as individuals, and collectively, however we group ourselves together, get to make the conscious choice to act out of Love. When we do, nurturing each other and caring for our environment will become as second nature as the beating of our hearts.

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