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Lora Cheadle Host of “Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle!  Every Wednesday 7am & 7pmET

Two Specials for Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Listeners:

PFusion LogoNine-weeks of Total Body, Mind, Spiritual Coaching for only $100

Start your summer off right with nine, weeks of personalized email coaching! Begin with one 15 minute consultation where we set your goals, then for nine weeks you receive weekly emails from me giving you motivation and accountability! Whether it’s fitness or dietary coaching, overcoming mental blocks or obstacles or increasing your clairvoyance and spirituality, we will make sure that you realize your goals!

PFusion LogoThirty minute Angel Readings for only $50

Have you ever prayed for guidance or wished you could have just a bit of insight or clarification from the Divine? An Angel Reading is an interactive prayer, a dialogue with your soul that provides you with insight and confirmation. It begins as a reading of your physical, emotional and intellectual energy and then it moves into a reading of your divine or higher self. Messages from the Universal Divine, your angels, guides, or even your deceased loved ones are passed on to you. You may ask specific questions about anything that is on your mind; relationships, upcoming decisions, work, family, etc. or you may simply ask for whatever message is most relevant and importnat for you to receive at this time.

You can purchases these specials by emailing or calling or 303-994-4945. Please visit my website for more information about my services!

Receive an Electronic Version of Devrah Laval’s Mystic Inspiration Cards


Devrah Laval “Living in Quantum Love” 
Every Thursday 4am & 4pmET

Devrah-The Magic DoorwayEveryone who signs up for Devrah’s Newsletter receive an electronic version of her Mystic Inspiration Cards.

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Regular use of the Mystic Inspiration cards will help to:

  • Find inspiration or contemplative focus for your day.
  • Answer any pressing question that may be weighing heavily upon you.
  • Resolve any ongoing issue by giving you a new perspective, seeing it in a new light.
  • The cards help us to see through the outer appearances to the truth of who we really are.

America Rosary to Unite the I Am Race, Booklet and CD Compiled by Alberta Fredricksen


Alberta Fredricksen Host of “Host of Prophets For the New Age” 
Every Monday and Tuesday 9am & 9pmET

AM-Rosary-CD-72dpi-150x150America Rosary to Unite the I Am Race, Booklet & CD compiled by Alberta Fredricksen

America Rosary CD and Booklet
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Sale Price $23.00 plus shipping

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The Rosary to the Immacutale Heart of Mary, the Blessed Mother, is one of the most often given prayers throughout the world. The new America Rosary, prepared as a CD and Booklet which may be used jointly or individually for your convenience, offers mystical devotions to the Blessed Mother addressing her revelations and warnings over the past century.

According to the revelations, our devotion to her Son, Jesus Christ, and her Immaculate heart are key to the restoration of world peace in these turbulent days of crisis, hotspots and the buildup of war throughout the world. This powerful Rosary is for those who desire to make a difference. Experience for yourself the intercession of the Blessed Mother and become a link in the Rosary chain of world peace through the Divine Intercession of her Immaculate Heart and Heavenly Hosts.

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Dr. Emmett Miller Host of ‘Healing Times Radio’
Every Friday 1am & 1pm ET

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#3  From S.A.D. to Glad: How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, and Feel Happy Again – Online Audio Course

Dr Miller has a special offer where folks can try the first session for $1.   They can also read more about the program, listen to free samples, and read articles on the site.