Listen. Be strong. Learn.

02-09-17   Listen.  Be strong.  Learn.

When we are in school, one of the most important skills we develop is the ability to listen.  We listen to the teacher and with the listening we become learned.  We tackle most educational pursuits prepared for times when we don’t understand, when there will be questions and a struggle to gain the understanding of the material.  We know we have to be persistent and to be strong to continue pushing forward through the class, through the assignments and projects.  We understand that learning takes effort.

And so today, we want to talk to you about working for your education, not for a degree in mathematics or english, but in the Soul curriculum where we learn how to overcome and grow into divine beings.  This week on Talk-N-Angels is about learning, how we learn and the importance of simply listening to the guides and feelings we get along the way that give us the information we need to overcome this world.

No More Worries

02-02-17   No More Worries

This morning I asked the angels what they wanted to talk about on the show tonight.  I shuffled my deck of angel oracle cards and two of them toppled out on to the floor.  This is how the angels get our attention and deliver messages – with some flair!  The cards were “There’s Nothing to Worry About” and “Acceptance.”

In both cases the message here are that we are safe and the situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal order.  Resisting what is causes many of us to create unnecessary anxiety in our lives.  In light of the shift in our political landscape, many are feeling worry and anxiety and so the angels caution us to use our wisdom and remember that worry adds to the negative forces around any issue that causes you concern.  The best way to handle your concern is not to worry but to infuse the situation with loving thoughts and allow yourself to be a conduit for positive loving energy.

The Acceptance card speaks of seeing yourself and all others through the eyes of compassion with unconditional love and acceptance.  When we become tempted to judge others or to try and change them think positive thoughts about them and pray for health and happiness to be present within them.  I like to imagine a brilliant White Light energy flowing directly from my heart and third eye toward the other person thereby infusing them with an energetic reminder of our connectedness and oneness.  For if you are feeling animosity or anger toward another, you are truly directing this energy at yourself.  Whatever you put out bounces back to you.

Being Aware

01-26-17   Being Aware

What does it mean to be aware?  Awareness is a state of being – connected and tuned into yourself and the world around you. How do we remain in a state of awareness?  Well part of it has to do with living in the Now.  Being present with whatever it is you are doing and not straying off from the present moment.  But in a much deeper sense, awareness also refers to our awareness of ourselves as eternal beings, temporarily living in a physical body and a three dimensional world of senses, thoughts and emotions.  When we focus our awareness, not just on the present moment or what we happen to be doing at that moment but on the greater reality of our existence, then we transcend this world and begin to tap into the unlimited potential of the Universe.  It is from this state of awareness that all things are possible.
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Taking Chances

01-19-17   Taking Chances

Do you believe in luck? Games of chance are just that, the chance of winning or the chance of losing. When we gamble on a spinning wheel, we think we have no influence over what comes out. However, the Universe is amazing in its ability to use chance to deliver outcomes which we have requested or desired.How much of what we create is subjected to the whims of the Universe?

Our guidance today is to take chances because whether you win or lose you are demonstrating a basic faith that good things are possible and that you are willing to put some skin in the game. Our angels and guides want us to be brave, to be courageous and in the face of loss, to take a chance. Taking a chance on yourself or your dream also shows that you are willing to be a co­creator and that you can put up the energy and investment and that you expect the Universe to do the same. We must have expectations of the Universe and truly hold it accountable before we can ever hope for a shift in the direction of our desires.

Join us tonight as we talk about learning to expect miracles, leaning in hard on the Universe and showing our faith by taking chances on ourselves.
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