Are You An Explorer?

04-13-17   Are You An Explorer?

Michael Gross, our Wingman, wrote in his recent e-mail communication:

I’ve become an explorer.  Just saying those words raises my vibration. And reminds me of how far I’ve traveled.

I am an explorer, and when you live life as an explorer everything becomes an exploration.

Every new taste, sound, view… takes on new meaning. Every new connection becomes a new possibility.

Friends frequently ask about my favorite trip. My response is always the same; I’ve loved them all.

As he literally is traveling the world to discover a new way of looking at life, I am going inward and discovering an exploration of the interior life to be just as thrilling and unexpected.

Join us tonight as we talk about what it truly means to declare yourself an explorer!

Go Where You Are Called!

04-06-17   Go Where You Are Called!  

The Angels say it’s time to heed that voice that calls to you.  Whether it is to follow a dream, a vision of your future or to investigate something that has grabbed your interest, it is important to follow that lead and begin the process of living unencumbered by roadblocks.

Our world is rapidly changing and many people are feeling the pull of an inner yearning to discover, to change and grow along with the world.  Our interests are shifting into focus now and more than ever before we are being asked to step forward and announce to the world our intentions.

Let yourself go where you are called.  Within that journey is a multitude of lessons, information, wisdom and friendships to be formed and nurtured.  Your journey begins inside of you and radiates outward, pulling and pushing you until you heed the call.  Don’t wait for another time or for things to be perfect.  The time is perfect now for you to do this and to trust that you know what you are doing.  Let go and follow your heart, listen and go!

Active Compassion – Holding Space for Pain

03-30-17  Active Compassion – Holding Space for Pain

When someone is in pain and suffering, we can do more than just offer comforting words. We can hold that pain and we can assist in transmuting it with them.  Because the true nature of our being is Divine, we are in reality one with all that is; connected to all beings such that anyone in pain triggers sympathetic responses in our own Light bodies. A longing for healing and wholeness drives our compassion forward and envelops the pain offering comfort and ease to the one who is suffering.

This is a time for a special, more active kind of compassion.  Not only are we all experiencing the tensions of a rapidly shifting reality, some of us are overwhelmed and instead of reaching up for the Light, we are giving up and spiraling down.  Loss of faith and hope is palpable in some souls we encounter on our journey.  It is time for all Light beings to make the move toward active compassion and put your Heart out in front, take in those who are lost and give them the support and love they need.

We’ll talk about this and more during this hour and we welcome your calls.  Find out more about this show at

Breaking New Ground, The Way Forward

03-23-17  Breaking New Ground, The Way Forward

There’s only one way to move forward and that involves breaking ground, making a mess and then getting dirty.  So today we say to you, are you ready to put your back into it?

Some of us today are feeling overwhelmed by the newness, the different-ness of the vibrations in the air.  It is a staggering and monumental time in our history and each of us plays a vital role.  What are you doing to break ground and build something new?  What are you ready to move so that you can create space for your new creation?  What are you hoping to uproot so that you can clear the way for a firm foundation to support the future you are envisioning?

Like many seekers who have come before us, we are all searching for something today, whether it is a new sense of direction, a clearing of old ways, or discovering a path through the wilderness.  Sometimes we don’t know where our path leads, we just know that we must follow it and in following it we will eventually come to find out where we are headed.  Like a path through the woods, each turn brings us closer to discovering something we have never seen before.

It’s time to break ground.  To dispense with the idea that someone or something is to going to come along and make everything better.  We have to do it for ourselves with the help and guidance of our angels and guides, we are ready to begin.  Let’s break ground tonight and find that place within us that needs to be developed, that is perfect for the new to enter into our lives.

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