Castles in the Sky

07-13-17  Castles in the Sky

All the work we do here spiritually is going into the “castles” we build in the “sky.”

This came to me during morning meditation.  There are works we perform here in our earth lives that are the materials that go into our heavenly abodes.  Okay, so what does that mean? It means that while we are incarnate in this lifetime we are creating.  We create energy, intentions, thoughts and physical things.  Just like we take time to fix up our houses and clean them and decorate them, perhaps even invest in remodeling jobs to give us an experience in our homes that is pleasant and functional, we are doing the same thing when we spiritually “work” on ourselves.

Our life between lives is just as real as the life we’re living now. So the Angels and Guides want us to know that investing in yourself as a spiritual being (taking time to meditate, pray, go for walks in the woods, exercise creativity) adds dimensions to your spiritual home.  Caring for others, healing, offering your gifts and talents to the world without reservation or fear creates even more beauty and joy for your life between lives.

Fish Out Of Water

07-06-17  Fish Out Of Water

Whenever we are taken from a place of comfort and security and thrust into a new place, a place that feels unsafe, we are like a fish out of water.  Our guides and angels want us to understand that it is important for us to be trusting of those times when we are outside the safety zone. If we never face our fears, if we refuse to step outside the safety zone, we may never be able to overcome, grow strong and develop into the divine beings we are at our core.

Feeling like a fish out of water exposes us to uncomfortable situations, not knowing how to fit in, we crave the familiar.  However there is much to be learned and gained from stretching beyond.  Who knows, maybe even a fish can learn to fly.

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Catching a Glimpse~ Seeing Your Future

06-22-17  Catching a Glimpse~ Seeing Your Future

Can you see into the future?  For yourself, it’s as easy as stilling the mind and imagining what that future should look like.  In all of the spiritual teachings we’ve discussed on this show, a recurring theme is that we are creators and that we create the world we experience.  How do we create?  By using our gifts as Divine Beings to imagine a life of our choosing.

What would your life be like if you could start from scratch and create, as if hired to draw up plans for a client, the life you’ve always wanted?  Tonight on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show we’ll talk about much more than simply understanding the Law of Attraction.  We will dig into the deeper nature of creation and what it takes to move past disbelief to fully-awakened Creator mode.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine: How Laughing Changes Everything

06-15-17  Laughter is the Best Medicine: How Laughing Changes Everything

You might think that a good laugh just feels good and that it is fun, but the reality is that in the process of lightening up, of putting aside all seriousness and in laughing openly and freely, we are deconstructing those aspects of ourselves that lead us into the darkness.

A parable well spoken is this: A man who never laughs at himself is like a lion who never roars.  Without this powerful medicine, laughter, we are only half alive.  We cannot feel the intensity of our hearts and lungs, we cannot exude power over illness or injury, or break up dense and harmful energies.  Without laughter we would be drones, incapable of survival.  So tonight we want to talk to you about the power of laugher, the purpose of it and to encourage all of you, all of us, to take life with a bit more humor – for the good of all.