This Too Will Pass~ The Human Condition of Ups & Downs

08-17-17  This Too Will Pass~ The Human Condition of Ups & Downs

Whether you’re experiencing good times or hard times, the guidance today is “this too shall pass.”  It is enough sometimes to remember that everything we go through here as human beings has a beginning, a middle and an end.  No matter where you are on that continuum, think about it.  The realization that everything passes away can create a sense of sadness or clinging to what is, but when the spirit has become accustomed to its true divine nature, this realization can create a feeling of intense appreciation.  It is joyful to behold a baby in your arms.  To think about this baby growing older, changing, maturing and leaving the nest can seem in appropriate while the babe is still an infant.  We focus on what is before us at the moment.  When that baby won’t stop crying and weariness creeps in, we may wish for a time when the baby is grown out of that stage, but the reality is, we are in the current stage and it has both good things and difficult things about it.  Every stage of life has these aspects, the ones we like and the ones that give us a challenge.

Being fluid in the face of these ups and downs requires practice.  Tonight we’ll talk about how to stay balanced, present and in a state of appreciation for the changes life always sends our way.

Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center

08-10-17  Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center

Join us this week as we broadcast live from Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ to welcome the energy of Creativity, Community and Living your most authentic life

Living a spiritual life isn’t always easy.  We live in a world that feeds information to our senses.  Through our senses we experience this world and form opinions about what sensations we enjoy and which we despise. We form judgments from these opinions that create our physical reality.   And yet, as a spiritual beings, we can rise above the sensory experience into the awareness of our divinity.  What is the next level of experience beyond the physical?

Mike’s practices provide tangible ways to use the Power of Positive thinking and Universal Laws to root out lower vibrating thoughts, emotions and feelings so that our vibrational energy body can be lighter, more in tune with our true divine nature.

Rita’s guidance taps into that non-physical reality where creation truly begins and reminds us to foster a deeper understanding of and relationship with the Divine within.  As we begin our trek within, our true divine nature may feel like a small oasis in the sea of physical reality, but over time and through practice, we can experience life from the next level – beyond the senses – and come to live.

Bringing Someone along for the Ride

07-27-17  Bringing Someone along for the Ride

Life is like a long road trip.  Who will you bring along for the ride?

As we navigate through the twists and turns of our lives, moving from one stage to the next, we meet people, we live with people, we invite people into our lives and we say goodbye to people along the way.

When we’re working on our spiritual development, focusing on becoming who we are, this companionship becomes ever more closely linked with that evolution.  Do you know that the ones who give you the most trouble are usually the ones who are your greatest teachers?

Tonight we’ll talk about how our spiritual journeys are affected by those we bring along for the ride and how we give those with us a boost as we accelerate our own spiritual growth.

Ryan “Gooch” Nelson of Gooch and the Motion

07-20-17  Ryan “Gooch” Nelson of Gooch and the Motion

This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, Mike travels to New York City to interview musician Ryan “Gooch” Nelson just before he and his band Gooch and the Motion perform live at B.B. King Blues Bar and Grill.

Gooch has appeared on stage with The Allman Brothers, Tedeschi-Trucks Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zac Brown Band and Robert Randolf

After the interview, Mike will sign off to enjoy the show which starts at 7:30 and Rita will take over with wisdom downloads from the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Master.  Call in with your questions or requests for guidance as she channels your guides and angels.