Kick Your Fears to the Curb and Manifest Your Dreams

06-08-17  Kick Your Fears to the Curb and Manifest Your Dreams

Michael and Janet have been manifesting their dream of traveling the world and living nomadically for the past year and a half.  Do they ever get scared or fearful during all of this amazing adventure?  Heck yes!  But by practicing positivity, embracing change and not letting their fears control them, they are able to continue their exciting journey. Tonight, on Talk-n-Angels, please join in the conversation with Janet and Michael as they talk about facing your fears.

Wisdom of The Ocean

06-01-17  Wisdom of The Ocean

The great Oceans of the earth have much to teach us.  In many ways, the Ocean is the ultimate Zen master, for she teaches us about change, about power, about oneness and about letting go. Join us tonight as we channel information and wisdom from this great and powerful teacher.

Begin Again

05-25-17   Begin Again

Whenever you feel like you’ve messed up, you can begin again.  It’s as simple as rising the next morning with a new outlook, a fresh perspective and an intention to do the best you can in this day, at this moment.

Beginning again contains within in a plethora of meanings and messages.  First there is the aspect of letting go of what you have already done or thought.  Because we attach ourselves to things we may have started or we feel that we must continue down a path even when our hearts have shifted and that path no longer holds the same attraction as it did in the beginning.  So letting go is part of beginning again.

Then there is the aspect of scrapping the old for the new, and accepting that beginning again means releasing fears about what is to become if we should decide to begin again.  Will we make the same mistakes?  Is luck in our favor?  Some of us wait to see what the Universe will show us before beginning again.  And this is perfectly normal, however the guidance today is to simply begin again with each day, to set intentions, to let go of fears and to imagine a life that is full of all the good things, people and experiences we wish to enjoy.  Because life is about enjoyment.  We are aiming for Joy!

So this week, join us as we talk about beginning again and all that this concept invites us to contemplate about letting go, forgiveness, and releasing fear.
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Going the Distance

05-18-17   Going the Distance

Going the distance means to carry through a course of action to completion. For example, He said he’s willing to go the distance with this project. This expression originated in boxing, where it means “to last for all the rounds that have been scheduled.” In baseball the same term means “to pitch an entire game.”

“Talk to us” the Angels say!  Please talk to us. We realize that the game of life can be like a boxing match or a long baseball game where you have to get up each time and push yourself.  No one ever said life was going to be easy, but with us on your side, it can be so very rewarding.

Today we say to you, “Go the Distance!”  Keep getting up and we’ll be in your corner wiping down your face, giving you water, encouragement, tips and pointers.  We can see what you’re doing and we can tell you how to improve your game, your approach to this life so that you can go the distance and win!

Winning means arriving at the end of this life with no regrets, with lots of amazing memories of experiences under your belt and a lifetime of the joy that comes from living your passion.  Do it now and don’t worry!  We’re in your corner!!!