Perfection versus Faults

01-12-17   Perfection versus Faults

Perfection.  Think of a snowflake.  When I think of snowflakes and perfection I think of a passionate speech from the movie Moonstruck when Nicholas Cage’s “Johnny” receives a wisdom download about love and explains it to Cher’s “Loretta”.

“Loretta, I love you. Not, not like they told you love is and I didn’t know this either. But love don’t make things nice, it ruins everything! It breaks your heart, it makes things a mess. We, we aren’t here to make things perfect. Snowflakes are perfect, stars are perfect. Not us! Not US!

We are not here to make things perfect.  Perfection is reserved for God alone. His creations (us) have flaws and in the recognition of our flaws we feel less than perfect, needing something to fix us.  Our flaws have driven us to crave perfection in ourselves and others and in the process we have alienated ourselves from the very thing that makes us beautiful.

This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, we will talk about how Love sees the imperfection and loves it anyway, embraces it, owns it!  You have to love yourself as you are, not as you hoped or wanted yourself to be.  “As you are” includes your habits, your judgments, your fears and insecurities.  It includes all the times you’ve held yourself up seeking approval and have been let down, disappointed and left feeling inadequate.  We talk about letting go, but we must first stop seeking perfection. Practice compassion, first for the self, then you will find it more easily for others.

Join us as we talk about perfection versus faults, practicing compassion and awakening our ability to expect satisfaction in the here and now.

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Guidance and Inspiration

01-05-17   Guidance and Inspiration

Guidance and inspiration come from somewhere beyond our human ability to think. Guidance is a feeling, a knowing that awakens when we tap into the part of our being that is eternal and connected to everything.  Inspiration is the urging of that Divine Nature to create, to be made manifest, to be born into the physical realm.

This week on Talk-N-Angels we will be talking about how guidance and inspiration combine to make us better, more intuitive creators of our lives, our world, our families, our experiences here on earth.  Let us come together as one human family to learn more about our divine heritage that gifts us with these powers.  The power to utilize imagination and visualization is the cornerstone of creativity and being inspired by beauty, Love, art and compassion can build into lasting monuments to human evolutionary development.

Tonight we will talk about guidance and inspiration so that we can take time to tap into this resource, especially now with the New Moon on 12/29, to set intentions for the next month.  Join us! and Happy New Year!!

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Finding Inner Peace

12-29-16   Finding Inner Peace

Peace is the word of the season.  We wish peace to each other and to the world at this time of year.  But what does Peace mean to you?

In meditation we can arrive at a state of inner peace and through prayer, practices and other ways of being, we can experience moments of peace where all is in order and there is nothing to worry about or concern ourselves with.  It occurred to me that we often use the phrase “rest in peace” to talk about someone who has passed away, crossed over to the other side.  But we don’t have to wait until we drop our bodies to experience resting in peace.  It is as close as your heart and your breath.

Join us as we talk about inner peace and how to achieve it on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show.
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Embracing Aging

12-22-16   Embracing Aging

What is it about the aging process that makes people fight it so hard?  In our quest for eternal youth, are we missing out on the benefits and delights of growing older?  There is a wisdom that comes with age and an appreciation of the very life we are living.  As we begin to examine the process of aging, growing into a person of distinction and maturity, we can see that there are many reasons to celebrate this process and to become more engaged than ever before in the unfolding of life all around us.  Join us tonight as we celebrate getting older!
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