Family Vacation? Flip or Flop? How to Create the Most Amazing Family Vacation for You

07-17-17  Family Vacation? Flip or Flop? How to Create the Most Amazing Family Vacation for You

Summer is a time for vacations and for families to spend time together. But do your vacations consist of kids fighting, losing your cool, and the all too frequent “Are we there yet?”  Not to mention all the work you put into making it a success only to find the children responding with complaining attitudes and ungratefulness. Do you find yourself wishing it was over and feel that you need a vacation after the vacation just to recover your sanity? Join this segment of Angel Mom’s in Training for insights into creating the most amazing vacation experience for you and your family.

Psychological Labeling of Children: Disorder or Gifted?

06-19-17  Psychological Labeling of Children: Disorder or Gifted?

Does your child have a behavioral disorder or is he/she Gifted? ADHD, Social Anxiety, Depression, etc. Psychologicial labeling of children can be detrimental and costly to their psyche, self esteem, and even their health. But many teachers and parents aren’t equipped to handle the onslaught of behaviors that come with such gifted children. See them in a new light and learn to empower them to embrace their natural gifts, talents and abilities so they can be who they were created to be.  Could it be that these children have special gifts and came to change the way we see and do things to prepare for a new world?

When Mom’s Having a Bad Day

06-05-17  When Mom’s Having a Bad Day

What happens when you’re having a bad day. If mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy, right? You have the power to make everyone’s life miserable. Have you ever felt this?  This energy can be toxic to a child and affect how they feel about themselves and the world around them. This can affect their self esteem and the way they show up in all their relationships throughout their life. It can cause them to feel trapped, not feel safe to express themselves, and so much more.  What can you do so that your energy doesn’t affect them? How can you empower them to not take on your energy so that you can be real, express yourself, and create a safe space in your home for your own personal healing without negatively affecting others? Tune in this week for a conscious and soul-based perspective on this subject as well as learn simple principles and techniques for your own personal healing and transformation. Then watch how your personal example of how you make it through a bad day can empower your child/ren for life.

Do You Have to Sacrifice Yourself for Your Children?

05-22-17  Do You Have to Sacrifice Yourself for Your Children?

​Do you feel that you are constantly giving, giving, giving, and running on empty most days?  All too often, when we become parents, our interests, desires, dreams, and passions are set aside, and we lose sight of who we are and our unique contribution beyond caring for the primary needs of our children. Join Angel Moms In Training host Monica Iglesias with special guest Lydia Taggart, mother of 6 (including quadruplets) in discussing this topic.

Guest Bio: Lydia Taggart, owner of Cheerful By Choice
Lydia Taggart helps busy mothers improve their relationships and stand in their power so they can reach out and influence their world, their families, and their homes for good with confidence and ease.

Several years ago Lydia was approached by a “specialist” telling her she should prepare for a life of misery and divorce. This prompted her to invest years, money, sweat, and tears into finding the systems that allow anyone to find and create happiness and the long lasting relationships that they enjoy. Now that the systems are implemented and working, her favorite thing is to hear from her clients is that that they are also experiencing that joyful connection with their families.
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