Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #261

05-11-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #261 was taped at Singing Brook Studio with Gaea Star Band members Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, ukulele and acoustic guitar and Bob Sherwood on piano and drums.  We begin with the mystical whisper of  “Sunrise Over The Trees”, a minimalist piece led by Mariam’s percussive ukulele.  “Paint A Pretty Picture With The Colors Of Life” is a lovely, stately interplay of vocals and piano with touches of abstract electronics and fine poetry, and “Simple Ways Of Life” revisits the minimalistic, repetitive form of the first piece with Mariam’s acoustic guitar leading the duo beneath a lyrical, flowing, eastern-keyed vocal.  “Rain On The Roof” is a jaunty ode to an evening shower, with Bob contributing imaginative, kinetic drums to Mariam’s ukulele-driven, light hearted folk song.  “Raise Our Voices For Peace” is prayer-like and elegiac and gives voice to a deep, aching desire for peace with a gorgeous backing of acoustic guitar and simple, tranced-out piano.  “Lingering Love Vibrations” closes today’s show with Mariam returning to the ukulele to improvise a floating, lush song of gratitude.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #260

05-04-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #260 is an hour of inspired improvised music and songs by Mariam Massaro played by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on ukulele, vocals, native flute, dulcimer and acoustic guitar, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and native drums.  Today we feature special guest Amanda Potluck on vocals.  The show is taped at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington Massachusetts and begins with “Koki Chorus”, a Hawaii song featuring Mariam’s lustrous vocals and ukulele.  The wide-open soundscape evokes the Pacific, and a second movement “Turquoise Waters” follows the theme of the ocean into the final movement “Midnight Moon Calling”.  An evening feeling is evoked with whispering acoustic guitar and aching piano figures.  “Let’s Go Down Deep” is an elemental, grooving, gypsy-wild piece featuring very special guest vocals from Amanda as well as Mariam’s mystical vocals and flute.  A three song medley follows the break, beginning with the somber invocation and invitation “Time To Rise Up” featuring powerful poetry from Mariam.  We transition into the classically-influenced “The Melody Of Life” and finally into Mariam’s exploration of an interesting word as she lays down a powerful drone rhythm on dulcimer in the driving “Catawampus”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #259

04-27-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #259 was taped at Singing Brook Studio on Worthington, Massachusetts on a sunny day filled with the promise of spring, and features the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, ukulele, native flute and acoustic guitar, Craig Harris on congas and drums and Bob Sherwood on piano.  We begin with a lovely, mystical, mist-soaked piece called “Sweet Papayas” that joins Mariam’s exposition of her recent trip the Big Island in Hawaii with music that seeks to replicate the sweet climes of the Hawaiian Islands.  A rich, varied and evocative piece, “Sweet Papayas” opens up for a coda featuring Mariam’s pretty, piping G flute and more gracious, lovely poetry in praise of Maui.  “We Are Sharing Beauty Ways” begins somberly with minor chords from Mariam’s acoustic guitar and sensitive accompaniment from Craig on congas.  This gorgeous, unhurried piece visits realms of deep peace and mysticism, a visionary vocal from Mariam duetting with her calm, sweeping native flute over stately congas and deeply emotional piano inventions.  Following the break we visit three powerful pieces from Mariam that feature on her albums.  “Reborn” from the “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening the Tribes Of Light” soundtrack, is taken as a driving, hybrid waltz led by a fine vocal and assertive acoustic guitar from Mariam.  “I’m The Full Moon” from the “Gaea Star Goddesses” album is a song of praise and reverence to the moon and the night-hunting goddess Artemis and is presented in a greatly rocked-up arrangement.  The powerful, deeply elemental and earthen “I Am The Mother Earth” closes the show today with deep drum pulses from Craig and a profound vocal performance from Mariam, exposing the deep poetry of this song originally featured on the “Vision Quest” album.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #258

04-13-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #258 was taped at Singing Brook Studio with the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, dulcimer, native flute and acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, Craig Harris on congas and balaphone and Bob Sherwood on piano and 12-string acoustic guitar.  We begin with a classic of Mariam’s, the rich, dulcimer-drone-led “All Life Unfolds” which features a rare cameo from Bob on 12-string guitar and a lovely improvised lyric from Mariam on the ultimate power of self-determination.  “Blessed By Our Life” is another song by Mariam, again led by her dulcimer and authoritative congas by Craig as Bob moves to the piano.  “Gather Together” is a song from the “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening The Tribes Of Light” presented here with echoes of Verdian opera in a majestic waltz tempo.  Mariam picks up her acoustic Martin 12-string guitar for “We’re Calling In The Real Ones”, a song of resistance to the current regime that builds in intensity to release into a somber, lush take on Mariam’s mystical “Distant Star/This Is The Way”.  “Welcome Spring” is a gorgeous ballad led by Mariam’s native flute and built on sun-drenched major seventh chords from  the piano.  We finish today with a sunny, folk-reggae take on Mariam’s “Pacha Mama” from the “Gaea Star Goddesses” CD.