Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #254

03-16-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #254 features the Gaea Star Band as well as very special guests Amanda Potluck on vocals and Justus Conant on 6- and 12- string acoustic guitars and vocals.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, today’s set begins with an unbroken 40-minute suite of three pieces beginning with the gently elegiac “Right Before My Eyes”, an ode to opening flowers from Mariam with gorgeous flowing melodies from both Mariam and Amanda.  A climactic countermelody section segues into the mystical “Windows Of Air”, a mid-tempo minor meditation with more effective and affecting braiding, circling vocals from Mariam and Amanda, imaginative piano from Bob and lyrical native flute work from Mariam.  The third piece in today’s extended tryptich is the earthy, powerful “It’s Coming Down To How We Walk On This Holy Ground”, a song of admiration and support for the water protectors of North Dakota, featuring especially potent, bluesy vocals and lyrics from Amanda who stood with the protectors at the beginning of the winter.  A powerful spoken section from Mariam brings the piece to its conclusion.  Next up we feature three songs by Justus from his Bleu Collar Pirates project, the sardonic folk-rock of “Saint Arne’s Day” and the pro-immigration anthem “Night In The Mojave”, punctuated by tart flamenco guitar runs from Bob Sherwood on acoustic guitar.  The third and final song from this set from Justus is the wrenching, beautiful “Goodbye”.  We close today with Bob leading the group through an intense reading of Roxy Music’s deeply romantic 1980 classic “My Only Love”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #253

03-09-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #253 is an hour of songs and visionary improvisations from The Gaea Star Band, recorded at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and featuring Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar, baritone ukulele, percussion and sitar, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and percussion.  Today we begin with the uptempo, dancing rhythms of Mariam’s “Oh The Angels Are Coming”, a lovely air driven by Mariam’s insistent acoustic guitar and alternately bluesy and modern minimalist piano from Bob.  Mariam’s gorgeous native flute decorates an extended coda as the piece draws to a close.  “Snow Full Moon” ravishes with a melismatic, mystical melody from Mariam, a lyric of love and reverence to the moon, stately congas and jazzy, stretching piano.  “Oh, We’re In The Shadows Of The Light” begins as a whisper with Mariam’s close vocal and feathery guitar and grows into a lovely folk ballad that flows peacefully with love for nature’s endless variety.  “We’re Gonna Find The Way” follows the break with a folky, ukulele-driven vibe decorated by nimble piano that builds to a racing, dancing climax and culminates in a lovely native flute and piano conversation.  “Awakening” flows out from the preceding piece and is a song to hope and peaceful resistance.  Mariam strums her beautiful sitar and unleashes lush Indian poetry for today’s closer, the beautiful eastern raga “Manakiya”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #252

03-02-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #252 on a cold February day at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and features compelling songs and visionary improvisations by The Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar, baritone ukulele, celtic harp and dulcimer, Robert Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and balaphone.  We begin with Mariam’s lush, stately “Oh The Moon Is Calling Me Home”, an ode to the night sky and the silver moon that evokes both peace and longing with sweet acoustic guitar and lunar piano.  “How Is It Gonna Be A Place Of Love?” follows, a meditative and insightful lyric from Mariam cast by the band in a swirling, folky style that mesmerizes with minimalist repetition.  The intensity rises and crests in true Gaea Star Band style, finally floating away in sheets of native flute and echoing, chiming piano to usher in the mystical, cloud-like “We’re Going Down Deep Inside”.  Classical piano, plaintive native flute and metronomic congas support a pure message of struggle and ultimate triumph from Mariam.  “Oh Sun” follows the break with a plaintive, dancing melody from Mariam accompanied by steady chords from her baritone uke along with nimble congas and dramatic, questing piano. Mariam strums her celtic harp for the epic closing piece “Singing Symphony In The Morning”, a mystical and unusually lovely meditation characterized by Mariam’s lengthy, sweeping melodies, plaintive native flute and classical piano from Bob in the southern European tradition.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #251

02-23-17   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #251 at Singing Bridge Studio and is dedicated to the peace of the world.  Mariam Massaro, Bob Sherwood and Craig Harris of the Gaea Star Band present several dynamic improvisations and songs by Mariam, with Bob on piano, Craig on congas and balaphone and Mariam on vocals, dulcimer, native flute, acoustic guitar, baritone ukulele and sitar.  Today’s first piece is the driving, concise “We Are All The Same” a song to our universality, a prayer of unity that twists and turns through passages and movements both rocking and minimal and built on an elastic rhythm section of dulcimer, congas and piano.  The band builds to a richly spiritual high point to match the intensity of Mariam’s poetry before easing into the folky “The Power Of Love Will Rise Above”, an expansive, acoustic-guitar based song of hope draped with piano filigree and a pretty, affecting melody.  “Cozy Inside” is a winter blues celebrating the joys of the indoors featuring imaginative ukulele and some interesting surprises.  “May We All Gather Together” is a modal workout featuring ambiguous major/minor twists in true Gaea Star style.  Craig’s intense, accelerating congas drive the band to a rocking plateau featuring lovely visionary poetry from Mariam.  “Ashento From The Stars” finds Mariam painting a mysterious, impressionistic tapestry with native flute and sitar to tell the tale of Shilaya in the forest.  A lush instrumental built around impassioned flute runs from Mariam lead the band into a swirling expansion of the “Gaea Star Goddesses” track “Lotus Queen” called “Lakshmi * Saraswati”.