Lou Talks with Family Constellations founder Mark Wolynn

08-07-17 Lou Talks with Family Constellations founder Mark Wolynn

IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU ~Break the Cycle of Inherited Trauma Through #FamilyConstellations at #Omega_Institute August 18, 2017 – August 20, 2017

The latest research in epigenetics tells us we can inherit the biological residues from traumatic events in our family history. Unexplained depression, anxiety, illness, unhappy relationships, and financial challenges can all be forms of this unconscious inheritance. Unresolved trauma and suffering can affect our family for generations, forging a blueprint for our life, which we pass on to our children. But it doesn’t have to continue. Mark Wolynn, one of North America’s foremost Family Constellations facilitators, teaches that, although these patterns may not have started with you, they can end with you.

In this workshop you learn an effective way to break the destructive patterns of inherited family trauma. Through lectures, discussions, and interactive group work, you get to the core of personal and relationship issues, and begin resolving problems that had seemed insurmountable.

This workshop is suitable for mental health professionals and anyone interested in personal healing.

Mark Wolynn, author of It Didn’t Start With You, is a leading expert on inherited family trauma. As director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco, he has trained thousands of clinicians and treated thousands more patients struggling with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive thoughts, self-injury, chronic pain, and illness. markwolynn.com

Register to attend at Omega, reserve your seat here: https://eomega.org/
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Time to Get Real

07-24-17  Time to Get Real

“Time to get real” in this show I decided to push the notes aside and talk from the heart about real life, my real life, my life this week. Look, it’s easy to talk about, read about, dream about forgiveness, prayers, mantras or whatever… but guess what, life still happens and we have to deal with it as best we can. It’s not always something so terrible that tests us but those normal things that come up in life whether expected or not. Those are the things that show us OUR programs, wounds, whatever. Those are the things that bring out our emotions, positive or negative. It’s in those moments that we can take a look at where we are at, how we’ve grown, where we can still grow.

We’ll also talk about how each of us can use events in our lives to change the world. YES, CHANGE THE WORLD!!!  www.LouLessard.com

Why does Forgiveness Matter to our Purpose in Life? And an Introduction to Ho’oponopono!

07-10-17  Why does Forgiveness Matter to our Purpose in Life? And an Introduction to Ho’oponopono!

In this weeks show we will first explore the questions “Why does Forgiveness matter?” and “What role does Forgiveness play in the meaning of life? These of course are pretty big questions that have the potential to open our consciousness to a much bigger picture as we live our lives.  We will also introduce the Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation process known as Ho’oponopono and a simple but oh so powerful prayer/mantra that can and is changing the world we live in!  www.LouLessard.com

Have You Forgiven Yourself Lou?

06-19-17  Have You Forgiven Yourself Lou?

Why is this such an important and profound question? What is our purpose in life? Let’s explore how life continually provides us with opportunities and catalysts to make “the choice” that is what life might just be all about!!!