06-05-17  Desire

Desire… it all starts with the desire to begin to heal, to be happy, to love, to serve, to grow!!! Desire allows us to reach beyond our comfort zone and it can be a most powerful force in our lives. This week let’s look at what it is we really desire and explore how we can use this powerful force to make our lives better!

Family Lineage Wounding & Karma

05-22-17  Family Lineage Wounding & Karma

This week we will introduce the concept of family lineage wounding & karma and how it can have a significant impact on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We will explore ways to recognize these family burdens as well as learn some easy tools to release and heal these wounds once and for all!

The Science of Forgiveness

05-08-17   The Science of Forgiveness

This week for our first show, we will introduce the “science of forgiveness” and how looking at forgiveness in this way we can begin to understand that forgiveness is really a process of release. I will share how I found there is a “forgiveness formula” that can have very profound and tangible results in our relationships with others as well as ourselves!

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