The 5th Law of Lion/Hearted Leadership™ – RADIANCE

01-10-17   The 5th Law of Lion/Hearted Leadership™ – RADIANCE

There are people who know this feeling well, and they – well they are the people we all want to emulate. They shine, they have energy, they seem so powerful and they are lit up from the inside with enthusiasm for life. How do they do that?

In this episode of One United Roar, Linda Tucker unpacks what it means to radiate from within, and what that means in the context of The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™. She talks about the difference between people who have fame because the external spotlight has fallen on them, and those who radiate the spotlight from some internal source. Most importantly, Berry and Linda discuss that million dollar question – How to do that. And it really is quite simple, because it is something that is freely available to anyone and can be done by absolutely anyone in alignment with the Source. So why is everyone not doing this? Because the How To is simple, but not necessarily obvious in today’s consumerist, exploitative world where values and a deeper connection with all of life are not necessarily part of the childhood curriculum.

But, most importantly, in this episode we speak to someone who truly radiates. His name is Yam Yardeni, he is 14 years old and he is one of the six winners of the 2016 One United Roar Talent Challenge who will soon be winging his way to South Africa from his home in Auroville, India.

Yam tells us what inspires him, what drives him, and what he dreams of. Definitely an inspirational, deserving and RADIANT winner!

Nurturance – The 4th Law of LionHearted Leadership™

12-06-16  Nurturance – the 4th Law of LionHearted Leadership™

Unpacking the 4th Law of LionHearted Leadership™, the Law of Nurturance, Linda Tucker and One United Roar producer Berry Gargan discuss what self-care truly means and how it impacts on so many other areas of our lives. This is the interspecies bond that is a cornerstone of the Androclean approach to personal life management. Nurturing nature through reciprocal, loving interdependence, we learn the value of not stunting growth but rather of encouraging it. As Linda writes in her soon-to-be-published book, “That’s the blessing of this 4th Law: don’t stunt growth. Nurturing others is directly related to your own self-development.”

Flowing easily from this conversation into an exploration on an even deeper level is an interview with musician Adrian Freedman who flew from England to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2016 White Lion Leadership Academy. Adrian discusses how his special genre serves as a gateway to nurturance on many levels, and demonstrates exactly what he means by performing just for us some of the sacred music he shared with the Lions, the Land and the People who brought their hopes, dreams and hearts to the White Lion Homeland this year. Adrian has performed all over the world and particularly enjoys performing at Sacred Ceremonies. You can find out more about him at

COMMUNICATION between the Species – The 3rd Law of LionHearted Leadership™ Dogs and Crocodiles

11-29-16 COMMUNICATION between the Species -The 3rd Law of LionHearted Leadership™ Dogs and Crocodiles, and a whole lot more.

The 3rd Law of LionHearted Leadership™ is the Law of Communication – Share your Roar. But if we are all part of nature, then our personal or human roars must find a way to connect with all of life. Linda describes this as heart-to-heart communication which goes well beyond language, species and any other artificial barrier that humanity has devised.

Listen to Linda Tucker expound on this Law. For the first time ever on international media, Linda tells of her own fascinating inter-species experience – it is the story of Linda, a crocodile and a dog called Max.

The 13 Laws have come into full focus for those who serve the White Lions because they are the basis of a month-long immersion in the teachings for the 15 fortunate attendees at this year’s White Lion Leadership Academy which starts TODAY, 22 November, at our camp deep in the heartlands. The second part of our show is a fascinating question and answer session with Mary Brown, a former White Lion Leadership Academy student who went on to become our Academy Co-ordinator. Mary shares her insights into what the Academy offers to participants on a deep emotional and spiritual level, and unpacks a little of her own extraordinary journey within this rare opportunity for immersion in The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™.

Appreciation – The Second Law of LionHearted Leadership™

OAR11-08-16   Appreciation – The Second Law of LionHearted Leadership™

Continuing with the glimpse into our upcoming White Lion Leadership Academy, Linda reveals more insights into the Herculean and Androclean styles of leadership, and introduces us to the Second Law – the Law of Appreciation.

Linda asks – and provides some thought provoking answers to – some deep questions. Why do we resist appreciating ourselves, why do we resist appreciating each other? Berry wonders what the difference is between Appreciation and Gratitude, and Linda shares her thinking and her reasons for choosing Appreciation as the word to describe this powerful Way of Lion.

Deep discussion leads to a revelation the Third Law, which Linda will discuss in detail in our next episode. But it is beautifully demonstrated in this show, in an open-hearted conversation between Linda and American Animal Communicator and Author, Joan Ranquet. Joan has some surprises for us – listen carefully to the deep wisdom that flows from communication across the species barrier.