Tapping Into Your Hidden Power

05-02-17   Tapping Into Your Hidden Power

We are moving out of Mercury Retrograde, which has given us an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and draw our attention to those areas of life that we may have been neglecting.  If you’re experiencing obstacles, challenges or blocks in your journey forward, the universe is giving you this opportunity to better understand yourself, go inward, and uncover your hidden powers that have been resting under the surface.  You are more powerful than you see yourself.  You have amazing power to love and transform, simply by being who you are.  As we move through a waxing moon, we are called to build open a foundation of trust and self-care, with the secure knowledge that as we allow love and faith to flow in any situation, we will rise together and our true purpose will become clear.

Manifesting Desire

04-25-17  Manifesting Desire

What do you really WANT to build in your life?  Sandy and Kian discuss how this upcoming new moon is calling us to get serious about what we most want: to acknowledge and realize our true desires.  We dig deep into what motivates us at the core, and what it means to have your needs and desires fulfilled.​

From Clearing to Stability: Stars & Numbers FULL SHOW!!!

04-18-17  From Clearing to Stability: Stars & Numbers FULL SHOW!!!

Sandy and Kian are doing a FULL LENGTH Stars and Numbers show this week!!!  We’re talking about going from a time of moderation to a time of clearing, transformation and flux, opening the way for some unexpected possibilities.  We’re preparing to enter Taurus, which will encourage stability and building foundations that last.  In order to do this, we must be sure to clear away any old energy we no longer need.  We’ll have a chance to reflect back on and reevaluate big governmental decisions as we enter a time to fix what went wrong and move forward.  We can’t control the change and chaos happening “around” us – although it’s all part of our personal experience and we have immense power to choose how we respond.  We also discuss retrogrades and what they really mean.

Redemption, Justice, Humanity’s NDE, Full moon in Aries & Retrogrades

04-11-17  Redemption, Justice, Humanity’s NDE, Full moon in Aries & Retrogrades

If today was your last day, what would you do?  Is there anything in your life you’d like to revisit and reflect on?  Robert Cole and Kian discuss disruption vs. imagination, high stakes for humanity, and our relationship with the Earth.  Rob draws the Cimidye, Goddess of Vengeance card, introducing the profound idea that humanity is collectively going through a “near-death experience”… and exploring what positive transformation can come out of that.  In Stars & Numbers, Sandy and Kian welcome the full moon, which holds some unique intensity due to being in the midst of several planetary retrogrades.  The themes of retribution and justice are coming to a head astrologically, reflecting Rob’s drawing of the Vengeance card. We’re advised to use our self-discipline to moderate our thoughts and feelings so our next decisive actions can come from a grounded place.