Getting Real About Readings

06-06-17  Getting Real About Readings

Kian and Sandy switch gears from the usual weekly updates to get real and have an honest conversation with you:  What’s the big deal with readings anyway?  Why do we seek them out, and why are they forbidden in many religious and social customs?  We explore the motivation behind getting a reading, and share knowledge that will help you get the most out of any reading, both in the experience and when integrating your new insights into everyday life.​

Hidden Mysteries, Expansive Possibilities

05-23-17   Hidden Mysteries, Expansive Possibilities

How do you see your universe?  Is is chaotic, random, without any meaning?  Or are you able to see beauty, love, and divinity all around you?  The choice is yours to make – and believe it or not, whatever you choose to see in the universe will manifest in clear reflection.  Kian introduces Lucien Khan, author of the 216 Letter Hidden Name of God, a book that connects sacred geometry, mathematical patterns, and religious tradition to help us understand the presence of the divine in our world.

In Stars & Numbers, Kian and Sandy get excited about the fun, versatile, communicative atmosphere of Gemini, while reflecting on the serious, “4-like”, Taurus nature we’ve been in for the past month.  It’s time to creatively brainstorm what we’d like to expand on in our lives, and hold the intention of picking the best ideas to stick with.

From Stability to Fun!

05-16-17   From Stability to Fun!

As we wind down the month of grounded, stable Taurus, moving into fun and flirty Gemini, we take this time to reflect and communicate clearly about what we’d like to build into the foundation of our life.  Likewise, in numerology, the “4” energy of the material world leads into “5” energy, which lives in the moment, enjoys freedom and impulsivity, and allows communication to flow freely through us.​

Wave of Transformation

05-09-17   Wave of Transformation

How do you respond to change?  Do you welcome it with open arms, or do you resist it?  What fears and challenges come up when your life is changing?

Whether you like it or not, life is all about change.  YOU are change.  Let’s ask ourselves what kind of change we’d like to experience, diving deeper into who we really are and giving ourselves the nurturing we need to open our hearts and mind to the wave of transformation our whole world is experiencing now, and allow it to be a blessing that allows us to fully be ourselves, in honesty and peace.​