The Power of Everyday Action

02-28-17  The Power of Everyday Action

Today we sit down and talk to Lea Ann Mallet to speak about the power of our actions.

Here is a little more about her and her journey in her words:

“I am a lifelong activist, midlife mom and someone who has discovered a creative and life-transforming renaissance at the age of 50! I am living proof that delving into self-knowledge and development can truly change our lives and the way we experience and live them.

My extraordinary life has arced from being a direct action wilderness activist (sitting 80 feet up in a tree for 3 days to protest clearcut logging in ancient forests in British Columbia and leading there months protests in northern Ontario to protect wild places) to successfully leading two charities as Executive Director and then to motherhood in my 40s and now entrepreneurship! It has been a wild, beautiful ride.

I left my successful non-profit leadership career three years ago to spend more time with my children (Noah, now 8 and Ruby, 6) and to create a new career as a personal leadership coach and speaker. I have melded my high-octane energy as an activist with my coaching. I am a huge action catalyst for my clients, who range the spectrum from entrepreneurs to activists, all seeking to create their biggest impact while leading healthy and happy lives. I have also bloomed creatively in the past year as a photographer and writer and have a blog called “Becoming Undomesticated” that tells stories of love, life, and beauty in suburbia. (

For me, deeply exploring myself through coaching and creative pursuits over the last three years was life changing. I had lost myself in motherhood and my career transition and had to find my way in a very new landscape. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been, and that comes from a deep sense of knowing who I am and what I want. I am also a much better mom because I have deep self-compassion for the challenges of motherhood. My children are my frontline teachers in what I most need to learn – patience, addressing the anger that carried so much of my activism, taking care of myself and slowing down to appreciate the present. Entering motherhood at 42 was a huge shock to me! I thought I could handle anything, and I had a lot to learn.”

She talks about her work as activist to realize the effect that her actions can have on her life and her community.

And remember Be Kind to Others, Take Care of Yourself, and Make Good Choices

Emotional Wellbeing at Work with Michelle McQuaid

02-21-17  Emotional Wellbeing at Work with Michelle McQuaid

Michelle McQuaid is a playful change activator, best­selling author, and workplace wellbeing teacher! With more than a decade of senior leadership experience in large organizations around the world, she’s passionate about translating cutting ­edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies for health, happiness, and business success. An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, she blogs for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and Lives Happy and her work has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Boss Magazine, The Age and more.


  1. She talks about as adults we have lost our ability to play and that we need to reconnect with our creativity, curiosity, and ability to play.
  2. It is important not to be as attached to the outcomes so that we can not be so connected to the results but the journey.
  3. The studies that show that we have better performance when we focus on our wellbeing at work.
  4. How we can improve our positive feelings at work.
  5. How we can focus on our strengths by building on our strengths at a time.
  6. Six things that we need to increase wellbeing in the workplace
  7. Positive Engagement. The right amount of heartfelt emotions
  8. Engaged. Feeling engaged in what we are doing and utilizing our strengths
  9. Relationships with other people have the biggest impact on our wellbeing
  10. Meaning. That what we are doing has some meaning and purpose
  11. Accomplishment and that we can achieve what matters to us most
  12. Health. That we have the basics of health in our job.


And remember Be Kind to Others, Take Care of Yourself, and Make Good Choices

Emotional Connection to Food with Dr. Glenn Livingston

02-14-17  Emotional Connection to Food with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Beyond the Basics Health Academy is excited to welcome Dr. Glenn Livingston to the show. He is a veteran psychologist and longtime CEO of a consulting firm that has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry.

He is coming on the podcast to talk about binge eating and the emotional connection that we have to food. Through both personal and professional experience, he takes a different approach to binge eating. In this podcast, he shares with us what he has learned about how we are programmed to approach food. He has written a book Never Binge Again: Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person on the Food Plan of Your Choice!” Want to find out more about his book, check out his free ebook at

And remember Be Kind to Others, Take Care of Yourself, and Make Good Choices

The Importance of Gene Expression


Beyond the Basics Health Academy welcomes Bob Miller, CTN and Julie Roberts to the show to talk about epigenetics, genetic expression, and how analyzing genetic information can be powerful for optimal health and wellness.

Bob has focused much of his career as a naturopath to gene expression and the best way to interpret and implement genetic mutations. He is a wealth of knowledge and it was so wonderful to have him explain the comprehensive way that we should look at genes.

What are genes and genetic expression?
How do they affect our overall health and wellness
How can we test our genes
How is it best to analyze our genes

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And remember Be Kind to Others, Take Care of Yourself, and Make Good Choices