Sama Dog, Ayurveda and Their Humans with Amanda Ree Ringnalda

10-03-17  Sama Dog, Ayurveda and Their Humans with Amanda Ree Ringnalda

Amanda Ree Ringnalda is a certified meditation teacher, Ayurvedic health practitioner and 500-hr yoga instructor for the past sixteen years. She began her spiritual studies with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and in 2006 she began working and studying closely under Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA. As a lead educator, event host/emcee and leadership team member, Amanda’s had the great fortune to learn from many of the world’s leaders and top experts in health and wellbeing.

Amanda was born with an innate soul-connection to animals, and this bond was deepened at three years old when she was saved from drowning in her backyard pool by the family dog. At age ten, Amanda persuaded her family to purchase the neighborhood pet store in Lake Tahoe, California, where she served as the smallest yet most knowledgeable employee for the next decade.

Amanda’s path of holistic, spiritual living and her passion for dogs merged when she started to apply the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to the foster dogs she cared for through the 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization she founded in 2014, called SoulPlayMates. After witnessing the rapid positive changes that came about when applying the healing sciences to her canine companions, she was inspired to create Sama Dog as a platform to teach wellbeing and Ayurveda for dogs and their humans. These teachings are now available via workshops and classes, private consultations and online education.

Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD Joins Deborah to Share his Workshop at Omega Institute & One Spirit Medicine

09-19-17 Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD Joins Deborah to Share his Workshop at Omega Institute & One Spirit Medicine

The Great Shamanic Initiation with Alberto Villoldo

Oct 27 – Oct 29 2017 Rhinebeck, NY

Join Alberto Villoldo to receive teachings for personal transformation and renewal from the Q’ero shamans of Peru.

Sit in powerful ceremonies. Experience energetic initiations. Shed the old skin of the past. Usher in a new era.

It is rare for indigenous shamans from South America to leave their villages to share their traditions and wisdom. In The Great Shamanic Initiation, we have the unique opportunity to receive teachings for personal transformation and renewal directly from the Earthkeepers from the high Andes in Peru.

Join Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, and our visiting shamans as we share initiation rites and ceremonies that help transform the self and usher in a new era for humanity. Together we experience energetic transmissions of an ancient Inka lineage of wisdom keepers during two fire ceremonies. These transmissions help us grow a body that heals and ages differently, and allow us to dream a new world into being. The Andean shamans and Villoldo also provide an updated and live reading of their prophecies beyond 2017.

We are now in a time of great transformation, from climate change to species extinctions to technological revolutions, and we have the opportunity to make a difference in the quality of human consciousness. Spirit is calling. Will you answer the call? Become a part of the evolution of the human spirit and discover the unlimited power of healing in The Great Shamanic Initiation.

Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD, has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Andes for over 25 years. He is the founder of the Four Winds Society, an organization dedicated to the bridging of ancient shamanic traditions with modern medicine and psychology. The Four Winds Society Light Body School is internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in shamanic education, preparing wise and ethical energy medicine practitioners.

Villoldo is author of numerous books, including Power Up Your BrainShaman, Healer, SageThe Four Insights; Courageous Dreaming; One Spirit MedicineA Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for HealingSoul Journeying; and The Illumination Process.

By his mid-20s Alberto Villoldo was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. He was directing the Biological Self-Regulation Laboratory, investigating how energy medicine could change the chemistry of the brain. One day in his laboratory, Alberto realized that his research had to get bigger instead of smaller, that he was looking out of the wrong end of the microscope. He needed to find a system larger than the neural networks of the brain. Many others were already studying the hardware – Alberto wanted to learn to program the mind to create psychosomatic health

Anthropological stories hinted that there were people around the globe who claimed to know such things, including the few remaining “shamans” in today’s modern world.

Alberto traded his laboratory for a pair of hiking boots and a ticket to the Amazon – determined to learn from researchers whose vision had not been confined to the lens of a microscope, from people whose body of knowledge encompassed more than the measurable, material world that he had been taught was the ONLY reality. He wanted to meet the people who sensed the spaces between things and perceived the luminous strands that animate all life. Scattered throughout the Andes and Amazon were a number of sages or “Earth Keepers” who remembered the ancient ways. Alberto traveled through countless villages and hamlets and met with scores of medicine men and women. The lack of a written body of knowledge meant that every village had brought its own flavor and style to the healing practices that still survived…

Author Clayton John Ainger Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Coach

09-12-17 Author Clayton John Ainger Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Coach

From once being a mergers & acquisitions tax specialist with Deloittes he is now a sought after consultant and speaker working in the UK and internationally, where he helps Senior Leaders and Executive teams to transform performance and achieve sustainable growth by unleashing passion, nurturing natural talent and “bringing vitality to the workforce.”

Based in the UK, Clayton is also an internationally recognized psychic medium, spiritual teacher and spiritual coach. He works with people from all walks of life, all over the world and hosts workshops in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany.

Clayton is also a six-time award-winning author of The Ego’s Code, an international speaker, and creative entrepreneur.  He has appeared in national magazines like Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Soul Magazine, Yoga Magazine and Paradigm Shift, just to name a few.

During a meditation at Stonehenge, he received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity, the true purpose of ego and how to be free of it.

He found that there is a pattern to our negativity which he calls The Ego’s Code, and he discovered a way to decipher it, clear out negativity, remove unhelpful habits, change old belief patterns and restore the soul so that you can live your truth – in a life of fun, play, happiness and fulfillment.

Quantum Forgiveness, Physics Meet Jesus with Mystic David Hoffmeister

08-29-17 Quantum Forgiveness, Physics Meet Jesus with Mystic David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. He is known for his practical application of the non-dual teachings necessary to experience the Unified Mind. His clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual awakening and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is Enlightening!

Over the past 30 years, David has traveled to 44 countries across 6 continents to extend the message that Truth is available for everyone, now. David’s message speaks to all people, regardless of whether their background is religious, spiritual, or scientific. He is as comfortable delving into the metaphysics of the movie The Matrix, as he is in pointing to the underlying meaning of the scriptures in the Bible. David’s own journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles, of which he is a renowned teacher and international speaker. His teachings have been translated into 13 languages, and taken into the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos. His number #1 best selling book Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus, catapults the mind into a true and transcendent experience of Peace, now. While his latest book The Mystical Teachings of Jesus offers searing clarity with Bible verses and A Course in Miracles quotes to illuminate the mind! Centers have opened devoted to his teachings in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Canada.
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David Hoffmeister and friends are inviting everyone from around the world to hold hands of invisible light. With a powerful shared intention, we will release old patterns of doubt, stress, and anxiety from our lives!
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“David Hoffmeister is a beautiful teacher of A Course in Miracles. In his new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus, he offers a unique and powerful pathway for transcending fear and strengthening your miracle mindset. I recommend this book to anyone on a committed spiritual path. I absolutely adore David and all of his work!”
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

Awakening to True Happiness with David Hoffmeister is on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age platform and can be heard every other Wednesday at 8am & 8pmET and every Saturday at 5amET LISTEN LIVE :  or get the D7RN App.